Travel buddies, best friends, and adventure-seekers, what’s not to love about the married couple Olivia Lazuardy and Kalvin Lee. The lovebirds have managed to stay adorable right from the start. Indonesia Tatler recently caught up with the fashion influencer and her husband to ask them what kind of romantic dates they love going on. Curious? Here are the three kinds of dates the charming couple love to have to keep their spark alive.


“Work hard, brunch harder”, and Olivia and Kalvin do just that. Olivia said recently that she and Kalvin have been enjoying weekend brunches around Jakarta. Which one is their favourite? It’s at the recently opened Cork & Screw Country Club. “The place feels like Bali,” said Olivia.


Both Olivia and Kalvin are adventure-seekers and they definitely know how a good date works. Olivia and Kalvin also like to have fun enjoying the day away at Museum Macan, where Kalvin got busy showing off his artwork skills. It’s always interesting to go on unique dates as a couple, don’t you think?

Movies and dinners

What’s the best escape from reality? Heading to the cinema, of course. Olivia and Kalvin love relaxing over a good movie together sometimes. There’s truly nothing better than an excellent movie and your other half right next to you. The two also love going on dinners together and usually celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions by going out to dinner.

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