To celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, Yayasan Kanker Payudara Indonesia (YKPI) and Wanda House of Jewels create a collaborative campaign, which is also supported by Indonesia Tatler, bring together 18 "muses" from different professions who support this noble cause.

These celebrities and influential figures who are advocates and warriors in the fight against breast cancer, share with us their words of encouragement and inspirational quotes, to support all the breast cancer warriors and survivors around Indonesia.



Farah Quinn

(Celebrity Chef)

“The best protection is early detection.”

Mike Lewis

(TV Host, Actor & Model)

“In this fight against cancer we cannot ignore what we are scared of; we owe it to ourselves and each other to check for early symptoms. We can save lives. We can beat this together.”

Joe Taslim


“To all beloved cancer warriors: We are stronger together,never give up the fight, we are all here for you. Fight!”

Hendra Nugraha

(VP Founder Celebrity Fitness)

“Never give in, never give up. Don’t be a victim, be a survivor.”

Didiet Maulana

(Creative Director of IKAT Indonesia)

“I believe all the FIGHTERS and the SURVIVORS are worth all the support and admiration from all of us. Never ever give up.”

Andien Aisyah

(Singer, Entrepreneur, & Philanthropist)

“There will always be miracles for those who surround themselves with love and care. Be happy and be positive. There is no better cure than that.”

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 (Fine Jewellery: Wanda House of Jewels Dress, Clothes: Ikat Indonesia by Didiet Maulana, Make up: Bubah Alfian for Cle de Peau, Photo: Irfan WahyudI (Lentera Fotografie), Stylist: Lilian Ng)


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