The magnetic presence and rather-shrouded private life of Princess Syahrini always invite the curious eyes. Known and loved for her trademark of soft, melodious voice and high-profile life, behind the figure is singer Fatimah Syahrini Zaelani, a familiar face in the Indonesian entertainment industry ever since her rise to stardom 11 years ago. Syahrini’s penchant and talent for the showbiz world had shown up ever since she was a little girl who loved to stand out from the crowd. She dared to be different and was often spotted coming out from the teacher’s office for having worn eyeliner to school.

This love for fashion and makeup translated well into elegant and effortless choices adored by her 34.8mil followers on Instagram alone. “Whenever I watched a singer go on stage, my younger self used to say, ‘One day I will be on that stage’,” said Syahrini. She is an autodidact with the first mentor being her late father who helped shape her public persona. He taught her many things from public speaking to body language and facial gestures, audience interaction, and so much more. As a result, she grew up to be a confident yet sweet and friendly person, a strong woman of integrity.


Another part of Syahrini’s charm is her spontaneity and humour she expressed through a string of crowd- pleasing catchphrases. The words ‘syantiexxx’, or ‘cetarrr membahana’, might have come from the showbiz lexicons; but the precise delivery and well-thought meaning all came to reflect the fun side of Syahrini. “I never expected that the people would love these quips so much,” she said. “But it’s all in good fun, so I decided to make them part of the design in my clothing line SYR Propagandha.” Seemingly jestful, the name SYR Propagandha stands for its motto, “Produktif Kepada Hal Yang Berlipat Gandha.”


This motto also applied to her productive approaches in work and life for the greater good. From these people, she gained both motivations and inspirations to continue creating music that everyone could enjoy. Staying busy from home during the early Covid-19 outbreak, for example, Syahrini released her latest single Seumur Hidupku in conjunction with her first wedding anniversary on February 2020. “The pandemic pushed me to be more inventive in the overall creative process,” she said. “We were careful during the shooting of the music video, and then decided to do the release and promotion wholly on digital platforms.”

This story appears in the January 2021 issue of Tatler Indonesia. For the full story click here.

Photography by: Wong Sim | Styling by: Carend Delano