Janice and Benita Setyawan founders and owners of Prestige Tailor 

A bespoke suit is a timeless trend for discerning fashion lovers who are looking for something individual and personal. As bespoke suits become timeless fashion trends, men’s bespoke suit designer Janice Setyawan and women’s suit designer Benita Setyawan deserve special recognition for their top-notch bespoke tailoring services in this thriving metropolis.
Honing their design senses and skills in London’s famous Savile Row, which they plan to continue sharpen up with a stint in Milan in the near future, these beautiful makers of men’s and women’s suits are now aiming to fuse the boldness of bespoke suits with modern touches of embroidery in parallel with today’s global fashion trends. Bringing together classic bespoke suits, a made-to-measure service, and lavish ready-to-wear collections, Prestige Tailor has a dedicated clientele that has contributed to its continued and growing success.

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With a passion and dedication for delivering the finest suits with supreme quality, Prestige Tailor offers its customers advanced bespoke tailoring methods using detailed measurements starting with up to 40 specific pinpoints to get that perfect size and shape. During the construction process, most of the sewing and embroidering is meticulously done by hand in the bespoke tailoring process to make sure every subtle detail of the resulting suit is perfectly matched to its owner’s needs and personality.
With each distinctive bespoke suit infused with the art of modern craftsmanship and embroidery, the terms “classic” and “stylish” are redefined by providing full satisfaction for fashion enthusiasts. Prestige Tailor recognises fashion in its highest form and sees undeniable worth in artisanal embroidery and craftsmanship. Committed to providing remarkable bespoke tailoring matched with a stunning and sumptuous embroidery details, Prestige Tailor will help its loyal customers dress to impress with the best clothes that make them look dazzling and in shape.

This article was published in Indonesia Tatler Magazine December edition.