Ganjar Pranowo,dubbed the “Twitter Governor” for his constant presence on Indonesia’s thriving social media, it’s no wonder that Ganjar Pranowo is one of the nation’s most popular politicians. His down-to-earth attitude and willingness to communicate directly with the people are certainly plus points. Ganjar faces Central Java’s various problems with the positive attitude that any issue can be solved as long as it has the cooperation of the people.

Ganjar Pranowo also recently declared 2016 to be the year that would see the development of Central Java’s tourism infrastructure and the year to make a push for its identity as a prime tourist destination. On his part, he has personally promoted the region on a work trip to the Netherlands, creating specific packages for various spots—even those off the beaten tourist track.

Read more about the Twitter Governor, Ganjar Pranowo in the August 2016 Edition of Indonesia Tatler.

(Text by Kevin Sjahrial)


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