Nicoline Patricia Malina always knew that photography was what she wanted to do from an early age. She remembered that her dad pulled out his Yashica whenever they had a special occasion, from birthdays to family trips.

"We would send the negatives to a print shop and wait for a week for them to develop and print the photos," Nicoline recalled. "I remember I always asked my mum for the date of the receipt, asking 'Is it today?', and I would eagerly wait in line for an hour in the shop to get the result. I love that camera."

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Fast forward to years later, not many people know that fashion design was her first art-based background. She was 14 when she won her first award and 16 when her work was chosen to be sent to Paris as one of Indonesia's representatives for the Concours Createurs de Mode.

Nicoline got her first camera in 2006, and she learned to replicate the editorial photos she saw in fashion magazines. After 12 years of capturing millions of images and exploring different concepts, she now views the camera as more than just a passive recorder but her favourite tool as she goes about illustrating dreams. "I feel more like a dream creator than an image maker," she says.

Being both behind and in front of the camera on a regular basis, healthy skin and eyes are super-important to Nicoline. She is constantly conquering all the demands necessitated by being a busy photographer, working on everything from fashion shoots to commercial shoots in her daily life, so she also always rewards herself with a meticulous night-time skincare routine.

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After a long day, she always makes sure she does her night-time skincare routines, which help her wind down. These comprise of a series of must-do skincare rituals from serums to moisturising her skin to eye cream and an eye mask to help rid her of fatigue around the eyes, so she can then get her beauty sleep.

Here, see the world through Nicoline's eyes and discover everything she does in a day and how her skincare regimen keeps up. Nicoline keeps her skin and eyes looking healthy and refreshed with a series of night-time skincare products including a serum, eye cream and an eye mask from Cle de Peau Beaute.

Curious? Watch the video above as we give you a peek into the life of this talented photographer Nicoline Patricia Malina along with her beauty secrets!


This video was shot using only products from premium Japanese beauty brand Cle de Peau Beaute.


The Westin, Jakarta

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