Catharina Widjaja, Director of PT Gajah Tunggal and Managing Director of Alun Alun Indonesia, is a breast cancer survivor blessed with a fantastic support system who was by her side through her journey. For Breast Cancer Awareness month, Catharina shares with Indonesia Tatler her journey as a survivor. “My husband, family and close friends were always there when I needed them. They didn’t bother me with questions, but were just there to be my shoulder to cry on. I was also blessed with very good doctors— my breast surgeon, specialist and oncologist were very patient with me and very informative. I took each day as it came with my full faith in God,” she explains.

Even though lifestyle is an important factor, genetics and stress also contribute to awakening the cancer cells in one’s body. However, early detection is the best prevention. Foundations such as Yayasan Kanker Payudara Indonesia (YKPI), Yayasan Kanker Indonesia and Love Pink are the few active organisations that help in providing information to those who need it in the city. YKPI, for instance, also provides free mammograms in their mobile unit.

“The higher the number of people aware of breast cancer, the better it is for the community. I am glad that it is not merely celebrated on one day of the year, but a whole month,” says Catharina.

Other than being active in her role as Director of PT Gajah Tunggal and Managing Director of Alun Alun Indonesia, Catharina is also involved in social work but makes sure she nds some me-time amid her busy schedule. Before ending our chat with this inspiring lady, she shared with Indonesia Tatler the motto she lives her life by: “Stay healthy and be happy!”

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