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Rieke Caroline, the founder of KontrakHukum—a digital platform focusing on protecting the business-legal side of small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)—completed her bachelor’s degree in business law at Universitas Pelita Harapan and earned her master’s degree in notary from the University of Indonesia on scholarships. She was, in fact, the only recipient in her year throughout the whole school for the Platinum scholarship at Universitas Pelita Harapan.

“Scholarships are not usually provided to academics pursuing notary, but I was determined to apply for one, nonetheless. It was a stroke of luck that I received it and therefore my education was granted by Indonesia’s Ministry of Education and Culture,” Rieke says.

Being the ambitious personality that she is, and before her journey in law, Rieke had been nominated for a position as high-school ambassador for MTV On Sky, a radio station, while she was in high school at Santa Ursula. Even though it wasn’t a job that paid her in cash but in vouchers instead, she was satisfied to be pursuing something out of her comfort zone alongside being a straight-A student.

In university and as a recipient of the Platinum scholarship, Rieke was appointed as the dean’s assistant as voluntary work. Upon completing her bachelor’s degree in business law, Rieke was offered a job with the Lippo Group. “I was fortunate to work alongside the owners of Lippo and thus was exposed to the real world of business at a young age,” Rieke explains further.

As opportunities came knocking on her door, Rieke chose to delve into the world of media a year after her position at Lippo Group. She was positioned as a news anchor at MetroTV for its business and law stream known as Top Executives, in which Rieke was able to interview CEOs from the country’s conventional and digital companies. It was then that she decided to plunge into running a business of her own.

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Somewhere along her journey, Rieke was crowned first runner-up for Miss Tourism Indonesia in 2009 and first runner-up for Miss Tourism World 2010. Her love of travelling and taking on challenges was made even more obvious during this time.

“I was tasked with many challenges while being an anchor at MetroTV, so the duties I had to perform as runner up of Miss Tourism in 2010 were a breeze. I enjoyed everything I did,” says Rieke, who was sent to some of Indonesia’s farthest reaches while on an assignment for MetroTV.

The Magna Cum Laude graduate stands by the saying “Work hard but work smart”: a lesson she learned while in the numerous positions she has held and a phrase that drives her business up until now.

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