A couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to visit Krisdayanti’s house and to ask her some unusual questions to find out more about this enchanting songstress. The first thing we asked her is about her rituals every morning, and they turned out to be, well, quite normal—just like we all do, actually.

What about traffic jams? A situation that is mostly hated in Jakarta turned out to be her time to browse the Internet, sleep, read, and check up on her children. We also asked her about the type of person she finds it hard to deal with, and, it turns out, she can’t stand people who are late, which is understandable considering her busy schedule as a singer and upcoming politician. She emphasised the importance of being on time and credited this as the most crucial trait to possess, as being late can affect everyone involved in her job.

Want to know more about Krisdayanti’s rituals before she performs and why she decided to serenade us with “No Tears Left To Cry” by Ariana Grande? Watch the video now!

Video credits: Make-up artist: Bennu Sorumba; Hair: Emma 184; Stylist: Jamal Abbad; Red cape: Rudy Chandra; Wardrobe: VM by Viena | KD

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