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Reino, please help me look for a partner,” Syahrini once said as friendly banter a year ago during a dinner just before Eid al-Fitr. Sitting nearby among their big group of mutual friends, he pondered for a while to answer the jest with equal zest: “perhaps You’re too exacting with high standards.”

She then flew off to spend the long Lebaran holiday in Los Angeles, while he spent time with his family in Japan—after which Syahrini was busy again to prepare for her concert in September, and Reino went to. “I never actually planned to go attend the concert, but her sister, Aisyahrini, asked me to come,” Reino said. After that, Reino wanted to congratulate Syahrini but didn’t have her number; Aisyahrini then gave Syahrini’s number, and the rest is history. Following more life events both unplanned and planned that put the two together, Reino and Syahrini became sure that these moments are the answers to their prayers.

“God works in His own special way,” said Reino, “I prayed that if she was the one for me, then help us get closer—and we did get closer each day.” Similarly, Syahrini also prayed with her parents and listened to God’s guidance alongside her parents’ advice and approval, should he be the one for her.

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Furthermore, Reino and Syahrini have similarities in their ways of thinking, and when it comes to life philosophies, such as a passion for the welfare of orphans and elderly. “We care a lot about education, be it for our future children or the orphans we help out,” Syahrini said. “This is among the topics that we discuss often because, although our work might be different, we are at the stage of settling down after fruitful years in career and travelling times during our single years,” Reino added. Both also agreed that communication in marriage is important, and theirs, in particular, is always heartfelt, which helps learning about each other a breeze.

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