“Japanese style is unique because of the Japanese lifestyle. instead of changing from work to play, we wear the same thing all day, so that’s why sacai clothes can be worn across all occasions”

The Japanese designer behind Sacai, known for pioneering the spliced-and-diced look, shares five of her favourite things:



I’ve collected dolls since I was a kid, and even now if I find something cute I’ll buy it. I love Bearbricks, which is why we have a seasonal doll in our Sacai collections. Needless to say, my toys take up a big space at home


We did a collaboration with Charlotte Chesnais for our recent runway collection. She’s been a friend of mine for a very long time. We met through mutual friends, so we decided to do something together last season. I’ve also worn Sophie Bille Brahe’s pieces since before I even met her and now we’re friends.



Ise Jingu, west of Kyoto, has a very historic part with a beautiful grand shrine and is a bit different from shrines you see elsewhere in the city. There’s also a beautiful new Aman hotel there that’s a mix of modernity and its traditional roots.


Kaws I love Damien Hirst and Lawrence Weiner’s work, but I also love Kaws. The feeling is mutual because he loves our clothes, too, and we just made him a “uniform,” 10 of our plain black T-shirts he can wear every single day.



I regularly visit Sushi Hirata, a sushi bar in Ginza, Kotaro, an izakaya in Shibuya, and Chicken Kitchen, which serves great yakitori in Shibuya.

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