Liza Gunaratna is a multitalented woman of the highest degree. The mother of two is an architect, an interior designer, a realtor, and, most recently, a competitive dancer. If juggling multiple careers isn’t difficult enough, Liza works around the world, from Los Angeles to Jakarta, Bali, and Lombok. She and her team of interior designers and architects also travel globally, wherever their projects may take them. Indonesia Tatler talks to Liza and finds out how she does it all.

Liza has always had a fondness for drawing and a fascination for colours. Add to that her acute sense of spatial perception, and it is almost inevitable that she would end up in the field of interior design and architecture. “Proportions are important in relation to human scale,” says Liza of her passion for interior design and architecture. “I love creating spaces that are intimate and cosy to make people feel welcome and at home.”

Liza’s dream project was to remodel her own home, to have the final say on all decisions, and to have it filled with her favourite things. While it may seem like an easy project at first, Liza was her own biggest critic, and, in this case, client. Even so, she took it upon herself to design the furniture and upholstery— from sofas to beds to window dressings. The entire remodeling took nearly two years to complete. She felt that all her hard work and effort had paid off when she met the late Ibu Maria Lukito while exercising at Club Olympus in the Grand Hyatt Jakarta hotel. 

This story appears in the December 2018 issue of Indonesia Tatler. For the full story, grab the copy at your nearest newsstand, or subscribe here.

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