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Hari Sumpah Pemuda is a historical event that we should always keep in our hearts. The reason being that the pledge made in 1928 by the Youth Congress emphasises the importance of unity in the name of Indonesia as a nation. To commemorate this event that will fall on 28 October, as well as the significant message behind it, we ask our Gen.T listers about what the Youth Pledge means to them.

Cynthia Tenggara

It’s quite sad, actually, that 90 years ago, our heroes were united in declaring the unity of Indonesia, while nowadays we use religion and race to create distance between each other. If only we, as Indonesia’s future generation, believe in the promise our heroes made 90 years ago, Indonesia will definitely have a bright future. We will be impacting the world instead of fighting with our own brothers and sisters with the same family name of “Indonesian”.

Ernest Prakasa

The ever-so-relevant message of Sumpah Pemuda is how we make a commitment to unite desipte our differences. Hari Sumpah Pemuda is about how ethnic background is irrelevant in giving the best to our nation. That is a message that should resonate for eternity.

Erastus Radjimin

For me, personally, this is a day to commemorate the fiery passion of our once-young heroes, when they gathered and pledged their sense of belonging to Indonesia. This was a beacon of hope for youngsters back in the day to have their voices heard and to be one nation. Nowadays, the Youth Pledge is the right momentum to remind our emerging generations to unite as one voice, soaring out loud about Indonesia’s strength, energy, and passion to the world. And now it is our job as the young generation to carry on the legacy of previous heroes who fought before; our job is to preserve the spirit of unity and our job is to pass on this spirited legacy to upcoming generations. 

VJ Daniel

Hari Sumpah Pemuda is apparent proof that the youth of Indonesia can change the course of Indonesian history. The Youth Pledge day is more than just a national day. It’s a reminder that, together, all being Indonesians, the youth can make a huge impact on this nation.

Dita Soedarjo

Sumpah Pemuda for me is for the youth in Indonesia—young people, the millennials like me—to also be involved in creating unity and peace in Indonesia. As clichéd as it sounds, I feel as if young people have a huge role in creating a better country. It is the country that your kids and the next generation to come will live in one day, and we want to make it a better and more peaceful place for them, not worse. Hari Sumpah Pemuda is a reminder for us to use each of our God-given talents and passions to bless someone else, to lift someone else, to teach someone else what you do, to be a good older sister and brother to those below us or to those who need some listening ears.

Hari Sumpah Pemuda is a reminder that as the youth, even if we might lack experience, we play an important role in this country and we are the generation that is going to shape this country. We can start shaping a better Indonesia for the generation to come by simply typing non-hoax news, sharing things that show the beauty of our country, and good news about our country.

Spread and promote peace and don’t highlight differences between religion and ethnicities. Post things that promote unity and peace for our country. Stop spreading hate and do something as simple and easy as what you type and post about online!

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