Dita Soedarjo and Denny Sumargo: what actually happened?

The most-talked-about news last week was the sudden break-up of Dita Soedarjo and Denny Sumargo. The couple, who recently got engaged, has suddenly decided to part their ways. The real question is, though, why? A number of assumptions have been spreading around, ranging from cheating and to everything in between. However, the real reason is the differences in their professional lives. Denny is an actor and Dita is a businesswoman. Both their work hours appear to be very different and their routines did not seem to match. Dita and Denny announced the news last week.

Rumour: true

Farah Quinn moved to the US?

Rumour has it that celebrity chef Farah Quinn has recently been seen in the US. What’s gotten her down there is her husband and kids, whom she is taking care of back. As seen on Instagram, Farah sure does look happy there with her little family.

Rumour: unsure

Raffi Ahmad’s mom, Amy Qanita wants more grandchildren

Amy Qanita, Raffi Ahmad’s mum, recently celebrated her birthday at a Dim Sum restaurant and the world got to see it on Raffi’s YouTube channel. When asked what her birthday wish was, Amy said she wishes to be healthy and spend as much time with her grandkids as possible. However, she did add one more wish: more grandchildren from all her kids!

Rumour: true

What’s going on with Pevita Pearce and Nazril Irham (Ariel)?

Another rumour that has been going viral is confusion over what is going on between Pevita Pearce and Ariel (NOAH). Ariel, who first followed Pevita on Instagram, already made the Internet go wild with assumptions and happiness. Shortly thereafter, Pevita followed him back. This is when the assumptions started really to flow, with thousands of comments from fans on Instagram, some really happy about this and others saying he’s too old for her. What’s your take on this?

Rumour: unsure

Ussy Sulistiawati vs. the Internet

Ten Instagram accounts have been reported by Ussy Sulistiawati to the police due to cyber-bullying. It all started when Ussy posted a family picture on Instagram and haters started commenting about how her eldest, Nur Amalia Putri, was dressed. As a mother, she felt the need to step up and teach the bullies a lesson. It didn’t stop there: her other kids were shamed online, too. One of the users apologised and stated that she did not know that her joke appeared to be an act of body shaming.

Rumour: true

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