Syahrini & Reino Barack: Celebrating the holidays together?

With the ongoing holiday season, we’re obviously keeping up with the picturesque holiday destinations our favourite celebrities and socialites are in. One person we’re definitely keeping tabs on is none other than Syahrini. The singer is celebrating the holiday season in Japan. However, the mystery is we don’t know who she’s with. Could it be Reino Barack? Another fishy thing is the lack of social media presence throughout her trip, which is unlike the singer who is known to many by usually updating us through her Instagram posts and stories during vacation. What’s going on?!

Rumour: unsure

Julie Estelle’s first step to Hollywood

Talent is what our Indonesian actors and actresses are made of. Julie Estelle recently took a first step towards Hollywood when she signed a contract with an agency called International Creative Management Partners. Rumour has it that the deal took off when Julie’s thriller movie by Netflix, The Night Comes For Us, premiered in Texas where her acting managed to impress a Hollywood agent.

Rumour: true

Kahiyang Ayu: Kicking off a modeling career?

President Jokowi’s daughter Kahiyang Ayu was recently seen modelling for Chacha Frederica’s cake shop, House of Sweets, and we can’t deny how good a job she did! Looking as stylish as ever with her knitted top and woollen cardigan, Kahiyang underwent what we would call a successful photoshoot. Young and super chic, Kahiyang definitely knows how to strike a pose!

Rumour: unsure

Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina’s car conflict

Recently, in a video titled “Sekeluarga Pagi-Pagi Nyobain Lamborghini URUS”, we saw Raffi Ahmad, Nagita Slavina and Rafathar take a ride in a Lamborghini. Did the adorable couple have a fight while cruising the Lambo? Enthusiastic as ever to try it out Raffi Ahmad was, but Nagita was the opposite. Raffi asked Nagita to give the car a try but Nagita didn’t want to cause she saw no point if he wasn’t buying it. It wasn’t a fight and everything ended well when the family was in awe once they arrived at the showroom!

Rumour: false

Mayangsari: the head of her arisan (social gathering)

Mayangsari, Bambang Trihatmodjo, and their daughter are currently on vacation, and Mayangsari is happily sharing the good times of her vacation on her Instagram feed. Stylish as ever, all her pictures are definitely pleasing to look at! One thing that got our attention though was when Ingrid Kansil left a “buketu” comment on one of her pictures. “Buketu”, which means bu ketua as Mayangsari is head of her arisan (social gathering), Mayangsari is one of Indonesia's finest socialites and is often seen out and about with her group of friends. She is a part of several arisan groups with other Indonesian celebrities and socialites and is always seen having a good time at each social gathering. 

Rumour: true

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