Romance for Mischa Chandrawinata and Gisella Anastasia?

The rumours surrounding Indonesian actor Mischa Chandrawinata and singer Gisella Anastasia started during Gisella’s and Gading Marten’s divorce. Tons of information regarding the two mushroomed in a very short time, and it was Mischa who finally spoke up and admitted that there was absolutely nothing going on between the two of them. Mischa further added that he doesn’t even have Gisella’s number saved on his mobile phone and he himself is confused as to how this rumour broke out.

Rumour: false

Reino Barack’s and Syahrini’s emoji scandal!

We’re back with the latest details about Reino Barack and Syahrini. The duo has been the talk of the town for a few months now, and all that time, fans have been left hanging without a clue as to what’s going on between the two. However, Syahrini recently uploaded a picture of herself on Instagram and Reino left a little heart emoji under it. Is this their way of letting us know what they are to each other?

Rumour: unsure

Is Baim Wong giving away Rp15 million shoes?

Baim Wong, along with his wife Paula Verhoeven, recently started a YouTube channel and the two are doing a splendid job of vlogging. The couple usually shoots videos together, but on this one day, Baim was seen vlogging himself at a mall in SCBD in Jakarta. During the video, Baim took his viewers to a Balenciaga store where he is was seen enquiring about a Rp15 million shoe that he then said would be part of a giveaway for his supportive subscribers. We wonder who the lucky winner will be.

Rumour: true

A fruity gift for First Lady Iriana Jokowi from Mr President?

The presidential The hhusband-and-wife duo share quite the relationship. First Lady Iriana’s favourite fruit is durian, and on her birthday President Jokowi decided to get her one. He went out looking for the most expensive durian and then gave it to her. Iriana wasn't exactly impressed, though, as the durian didn’t taste so good. Jokowi further added: “It means that the most expensive ones are not necessarily the best ones!”

Rumour: true

Is Millane Fernandez venturing to Hollywood?

Millane Fernandez has been singing for many years now and is looking to expand her singing career. Recently, the 32-year-old said that she has been working on several projects out of Indonesia—some of her musical projects will take place in London and Los Angeles in the near future,  she is known to have said. We can’t wait to hear more information about her travels.

Rumour: unsure

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