Tasya Kamila: wrong to be an educated housewife?

Indonesian singer Tasya Kamila stated that she was absolutely OK with being a housewife after the completion of her master’s degree. Currently pregnant, Tasya Kamila asked if there was anything wrong with being a highly educated housewife. She stated that, for now, her focus will obviously be on raising her child, but after that life goes on. The sophisticated lady also added that a smart mother will definitely educate her children for the best. Leaving all kinds of judgements aside, Tasya believes that all women deserve the same rights when it comes to pursuing a degree even if they have to undergo the tasks of becoming a mother. So no, there is nothing wrong in being an educated housewife!

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Is Muhammad Tulus moving to Japan?

Muhammad Tulus, the spectacular singer who is a part of our Generation T 2017 list, is definitely all things talented. Tulus recently stated that he wants to expand his music to Japan while promoting Indonesia and making sure the people of Japan also listen to Indonesian music. He recently released a famous Japanese song called “Natsu Wa Kinu”, which that is a highly popular song in Japanl which that Tulus sang in as his own version.

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Boy William very special vlog guest

We’ve been keeping up with vlogger Boy William’s, Nebeng Boy’s vlog, but his last guest of 2018 was indeed a very special one. Any guesses? Yes, it was our very own President! President Jokowi appeared on the teaser of the vlog with a red jacket, a cheerful face and lots of laughs. The internet went hyper over the news!

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Dita Soedarjo and Denny Sumargo finally moving on?

The most- talked- about news these past few weeks was has been the shocking break-up of Dita Soedarjo and Denny Sumargo. At first, the couple still posted pictures of each other making sure their fans knew they both ended on good terms and it was for the best. However, currently Dita’s Instagram feed has no pictures of Denny and her any more. On the other hand, Denny Sumargo’s feed still has content of the ex-couple’s content! . Do you think this is a sign that the couple is finally moving on from each other?

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Isyana Sarasvati and Rara Sekar- Sibling goals!

The most adorable sister duo, Isyana Sarasvati and Rara Sekar, share the most special of bonds! Also, one of our 2017 Generation T awardees, Isyana Sarasvati and her sister, Rara share the same passion for music and support each other through their goals and dreams. The duo recently worked on a music project for the latest movie Milly & Mamet. What a beautiful collaboration it was!

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