Shannon Hartono is a mother of two and the Vice President of Time International—a company with more than 60 leading lifestyle and luxury brands under its umbrella. Working with such a large number of brands from around the world means regular travel, long-haul flights, and constant meetings—sometimes with parties in different time zones. Her day starts earlier than most of ours, and ends later. One cannot help but wonder how she does it all. We recently had the privilege of interviewing Shannon during which she tells us all about balancing work and family, its challenges, and how to stay happy through it all.JYS_9389.jpg

Long before she became the Vice President of Time International, Shannon was already quite the world traveller. She grew up in Sacramento, California, before moving to Indonesia at the age of 10. At 16, she moved to Melbourne, Australia, to further her studies, before returning to Indonesia a few years later. She started working for American Express, during which she met Irwan Mussry, President and CEO of Time International. A few months later, she had the opportunity to work there. Some 18 years on, she is still there and loving every minute of it. “It felt serendipitous,” says Shannon. “I have not looked back since, and the journey has been nothing short of amazing. I have had many different experiences in different areas of the company so I have always been challenged with new things."


A typical work day for Shannon begins early as she gets up to see her children off to school. She then heads to the office where the meetings start immediately. Shannon counts an average of four meetings a day, excluding any store visits with principals. She shares with us the most important part of surviving such hectic days: lunch. “I must make sure I never miss lunch because my brain doesn’t work without food. Food ranks very high on my list of priorities!” says Shannon. With what little time she has to herself, Shannon admits to spending most of it watching romantic comedies, reading, or writing. “I am actually a rom-com junkie and spend my quiet times watching,” says Shannon. “I also love books, and when I am inspired I try to write more too. I write fiction, but my readers are mainly my close friends.”

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