The end of the year is fast approaching, so it’s time to take a walk down the memory lane to see some of Indonesia Tatler’s best moments of 2019! In this edition of Indonesia Tatler Best of The Best 2019, we have compiled the top five of our Get to Know Me episodes this year. From the top beauty influencer Tasya Farasya to the current Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas, here is the top 5 Get To Know Me that you should watch. Check out our Tatler TV or Youtube channel to see more. 

1/5 Tasya Farasya

In one of our Get to Know Me episodes, Indonesia Tatler had a chance to sit down with Indonesia’s top beauty influencer, Tasya Farasya. Do you know that she choses to be a beauty influencer over being a dentist? Watch the video here to know more about Tasya’s life, quirks, and career!

2/5 Gita Sjahrir

Smart, charming, and energetic, it was a pleasure for Indonesia Tatler to have the chance to talk with Gita Sjahrir, the co-founder of RIDE Jakarta, and found out many interesting facts about her. For example, she actually doesn't drink smoothies and still maintain a healthy body. What's her secrets to stay fit? Watch our Get to Know Me here to know more facts about Gita!

3/5 Frederika Alexis Cull

In December this year, current holder of Putri Indonesia 2019 and the top 10 finalist of Miss Universe 2019 shares with us the things that people probably don't know about her. What is the thing she is scared of? What is her biggest aspiration in life? Watch the video here to know the answer!

4/5 Samuel Wongso

With many renowned celebrities lining up to wear the suits he designed, Samuel Wongso is truly a name to be reckoned with. This year, we also had the chance to talk with him for a Get to Know Me episode. One of the facts that he revealed was about the reason why he is interested in automotive. Don’t forget to watch the video here to know more facts about this suit master!

5/5 Abdullah Azwar Anas

Last but not least, we have the Get to Know Me episode with Abdullah Azwar Anas, the amazing man behind Banyuwangi. Known for his accomplishments and love for his hometown, he shared with Indonesia Tatler the secret behind the success of Banyuwangi, and of course, some surprising facts about him. Watch the video here to know more. 

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