Rumours can be your best enemy or your worst. Being a celebrity or a social figure, it’s almost impossible not to have something new and juicy go around about you. Whether a good intention or a bad reputation, you’re always talked about. In this week’s edition of Rumour Mill, Indonesia Tatler has compiled four rumours and, well, it’s time to see whether they are true or false. Run down the rumour mill and read on!

Richard Muljadi and Frank Hutapea’s social media dispute

Rumour has it that once upon a time Richard Muljadi said something to Frank Hutapea, the son of Hotman Paris, on social media. Richard made a comment about Frank’s appearance on social media and it wasn’t the most complimentary of comments.

Rumour: True!

Nagita Slavina’s Mother tied the knot once again

We‘re sure you’ve heard this one. This is probably one piece of news that has reached pretty much everyone in Indonesia: singer Nagita Slavina’s mum, Rieta Amilia Beta, has just tied the knot once again.

Rumour: True!

Ahmad Dhani and Maia Estianty are back together

Singer Al Ghazali turned 21 in style and threw arguably the birthday of the year, to which his closest family and friends were invited, including Ahmad Dhani, Maia Estianty and El Rumi. The couple, who divorced in 2008, were seen in a picture together along with Al Ghazali, El Rumi, and Dul Jaleani. Talk about the cutest family reunion. This sweet moment was captured and then posted on Instagram by the happy El Rumi.

Rumour: False!

Irwan Mussry bestows luxury gifts to badminton athletes

Due to their hard work and determination during the 18th Asian Games, the badminton athletes gave it their all to win the gold and silver medals for Indonesia. For their efforts, businessman Irwan Mussry decided to reward Kevin Sanjaya, Marcus Gideon, Jonatan Christie, Anthony Ginting, Muhammad Rian Ardianto, and Fajar Alfian with sets of luxury watches as gifts.

Rumour: True!

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