With the increase of digital influencers in today’s day and age, many of us are curious to know what it takes to become among them. With this in mind, twin sisters Maria and Elizabeth Rahajeng have recently launched a new book entitled Becoming Unstoppable. The book, as quoted from its official release, is “ultimately a modern-day story of perseverance, finding your voice, and learning to trust your journey even when you don’t understand it”.

The semi-autobiographical book gives an inside look into Maria and Elizabeth Rahajeng’s lives. Born in Blora in Central Java, the twins moved to the US when they were 2 and returned to Indonesia after decades spent there. The book shares the Rahajeng sisters’ pressures in school, from becoming victims of bullying, sexism, to battling with depression. Meanwhile, the book also highlights the ups and downs of their journeys to become among the country’s digital influencers and landing their dream jobs at E! Asia.

When we interviewed the Rahajeng sisters back in 2017 for our Gen.T honourees shoot, they made it clear that they are voracious readers. For them books have educated and opened their eyes in so many ways. In fact, they also shared exclusive details of their new book with us (read the full interview here).

Aiming to share their struggles and inspire their fans to always go after their dreams (both sisters have more than 170,000 followers on Instagram alone), Becoming Unstoppable should be an interesting take on today’s digital influencers—the ideal job for the younger generation. Published by Gramedia, Becoming Unstoppable is set for release in mid-September in paperback.

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