“Being healthy means sleeping in peace, waking up happy and fulfilled with where I am in my life despite the uncertainties of the future, and accepting that everything is a process,” said Vanessa Budihardja-Barus. According to her, health is a journey and not a destination. “It is a fine balance of a strong and able body, a sound mind with clear goals and plans to achieve them, and a rejuvenated spirit that says ‘yes’ to life.”

In maintaining her health, Budihardja-Barus has a routine she keeps, although not without a challenge. Having a full-time job in the wellness industry makes time management and prioritising quite a struggle. “The key is to sleep early and wake up earlier in the morning to have more time in the day to yourself,” she said. “It feels great to get so many things done first thing first.” This former Nike Indonesia trainer also stressed the significant impact of the environment on our wellbeing. “We are always engaging and merging with the environment, but modern life has become disconnected from nature.” Ultimately, she urged us all to change our daily consumption habits to help with the current climate crisis.

Here are some healthy habits Budihardja-Barus maintains to lead a healthy lifestyle:

1/5 Sleep Well

sleep.jpgFoto dok: unsplash.com/@wevibe

I start to wind down at 8PM, allow no electronic usage at least one hour before bed and read fiction in bed to relax.

2/5 Quality Time

qtime.jpgFoto dok: unsplash.com/@heftiba

Always schedule some quality time with my husband matter how busy we get.

3/5 Physical Exercise

cardio.jpgFoto dok: unsplash.com/@bklaver

Especially these days, I exercise four to five times a week in the morning with a mix of weightlifting, bodyweight work, conditioning, qigong and yoga.

4/5 Meditate

Meditation.jpgFoto dok: unsplash.com/@patricktravelist

Besides exercise, in the morning or before bedtime, I meditate anytime between 10 to 20 minutes.

5/5 Balanced Diet

diet.jpgFoto dok: unsplash.com/@brookelark

I have organic produce delivered weekly and weigh my food consumption by tracking my fats, carbs, and proteins intakes.