Can you tell us a bit about your life story?

After I graduated from Curtin university with an architecture major, I started working in a start-up called Lemonilo. One of the founders, Shinta, asked me to intern there, but it turned into a full-time job for me. After a few years, I resigned and now I am thinking of making a health-oriented restaurant.

During your time, what were some of the most important lessons concerning health and nutrition that you have learned?

Food is very important—I think it is the number-one cause of disease. I think food should be the medicine for your health. Making better food choices will help prevent illnesses.

What’s your favourite breakfast meal?

Oats with cacao powder and fruit like bananas. When I want something savoury, I will make eggs on toast.

Is there any fashion item that you’ve had since forever?

For me it will be jewellery. I have favourite earrings that I keep on using until now—I think it’s important to have something that you can wear every day.

Wedges, platforms, or flats?

Flats, but I don’t actually own any flats [laughs]. It’s more like slip-ons or sneakers.

Let’s talk about your current skincare routine.

Actually, I’ve been having lots of acne lately, so now I am on a detox diet to get rid of it. I am doing an elimination diet where I eliminate gluten, dairy, sugar, and then spicy foods so that my skin doesn’t breakout anymore. And I use a moisturiser like Avene and Evian, which are basically water.

How do you handle monthly hormonal imbalances?

During that time, I try not to eat stuff that will cause breakouts on my skin. The reason I do a detox diet is to find out which foods I can and cannot eat. I know for sure that dairy is something that I can’t eat, so I avoid that during my period.

Tell us about your favourite exercise and current fitness routine.

I love running because it is very therapeutic for me. I would run at Gelora Bung Karno before the Asian Games and sometimes during car-free day. Currently, I exercise five times a week and do Pilates, gymming, or running.

If you could take one luxury item with you when stranded on an island, what would it be?

I think it would be a backpack like a Chanel backpack [laughs].

What are some things that you did as a teenager that your parents don’t know about?

I think that I drink a lot of alcohol [laughs]. My parents knew that I drank then; I just don’t think they knew how much I could drink.

How do you unwind after a long day of activities?

Reading, mostly self-help books. There is also a book titled Sapien that’s very good.

What are your ideal date activities?

It would be basic, like watching movies or just taking a stroll together.

What attributes that you find to be the most attractive in a guy?

Being funny [laughs]. Or not knowing that he’s funny but he is.

What do you think is the number one relationship killer?


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