The much-anticipated Generation T 2018 Party officially kicked off last Friday, August 10 at Immigrant Jakarta. The aim of this party was to unveil the second annual list of the 50 game-changers who will define Indonesia’s future with what they do and their contribution to our country, one step at a time. Each and every one of the honourees has worked hard and smart to make a difference in Indonesia in every walk of life. We were lucky enough to have a bunch of them in one place during our Gen.T party. Here are the complete highlights on what went down at the event.

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Photo: Photo Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

The night was full of everything glittery and glamorous. Sophisticated socialites, charming celebrities, and ingenious influencers could be seen swarming at the entrance of the Immigrant Dining Room where a wall of fame was set up to gave our guests the chance to strike a pose—or maybe several poses. The wall of fame had a photobooth as well, which worked with one of our favourite Instagram features, boomerang. What better way to remember the night than with a number of poses, several photobooth props, and the best company around you for the night?

Achmad Zaky’s inspirational speechIMG_4686.JPG

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

We were lucky enough to have CEO of Bukalapak, Achmad Zaky, to share an insightful talk with the attendees. Achmad Zaky, at only 31 years old, founded and holds the position of CEO with Bukalapak, one of Indonesia’s biggest online marketplaces. On stage, Achmad said: “We can do anything as long as we work hard and be creative.” The inspiring entrepreneur definitely gave the audience a boost of motivation with his encouraging words and positive vibes.

BNI Emerald’s young generation honoureesIMG_4713.JPG

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) Emerald played a huge role in Generation T 2018. BNI Emerald is a private banking service for individual customers who have a minimum placement with a minimum income. As one of the evening’s highlights, BNI Emerald handed out awards to several young-generation honourees, namely: Arsyah Rasyid, Riki Kono, Felicia Hutapea, and Patrick Owen for their excellent work.

Omega’s token of appreciationIMG_4834.JPG

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

Omega, the Swiss luxury watchmaker, also played a part at Gen.T 2018’s launch party. Omega knows a game-changer when it sees one, and proceeded to hand out a token of appreciation to five chosen listers: Revano Satria, Steven Kim, Vanessa Ong, Andrian Ishak, and Natasha Vinski.

Unveiling the Generation T List 2018IMG_4790.JPG

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

Anticipated faces, curious minds, and excited vibes were all around! The moment everyone was waiting for started at around 8pm, and the Gen.T list was revealed in sections. Each of the 50 young game-changer was called up to the stage and awarded a gift. If you missed it, don’t worry, you can see the complete list here. We also thank the media partner, Brava Radio, for supporting us in highlighting the Generation T honourees.

Delicious food and drinksIMG_4638.JPG

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

The night wouldn’t have been possible without contributions from everyone. From Immigrant Dining Room’s prime location and plush lounge to the delicious food and exquisite drinks, each and every factor contributed to making Gen.T 2018 a massive success. With our honourable guests socialising and getting to know one another a bit more, making new friends, and savouring delightful cuisine and libations, the Generation T 2018 party was definitely a night to remember.

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