Palu city and Donggala Regency in Central Sulawesi were recently hit by a 7.5-magnitude earthquake that led to a tsunami that destroyed most of the area. The twin natural disasters on September 28 killed many thousands of people and levelled most high-level properties. Since last week, many people from across Indonesia and around the world have been gathering donations to help out the victims, including prominent figures. Which celebrities, billionaires and major companies have donated for Palu so far? 

Dato' Sri Prof. Dr Tahir MBAstory-20151110125544-ScreenShot2015-11-10at11.00.03_resized_762x500.png

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

Indonesian billionaire, philanthropist, and property magnate Tahir has already helped the damaged city of Palu. From his private jet, he flew down to the location and provided food for the people. It’s reported that the magnate also brought additional boxes of instant noodles and mineral water, as well as McDonald’s. Moreover, after seeing the shocking situation of the island, Tahir provided assurance that he will provide victims with the basic necessities they will need to make it through the tough times ahead. The 66-year-old philanthropist will also open up a market in Palu after the city’s recovery to help to revive the economy.

International aid

Last Friday, Indonesian authorities issued clearances for 23 aircraft to make their way to send relief to Palu and Donggala. The United Kingdom sent a Royal Force A400 military aircraft along with total assistance worth Rp60 billion. Aid from Singapore, Malaysia, and India reached Balikpapan last Wednesday, and supplies from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the United Kingdom last Friday.

Meanwhile, a Hercules C-130 aircraft with 51 personnel from the Japan Disaster Relief Self-Defense Force Unit also paid a visit to Balikpapan to control air transactions. Furthermore, the Japan International Cooperation Agency has also provided 500 tents, 20 water purifiers, 20,000 flocculants, and 80 generators. These countries are doing their best to provide victims with the necessities and care they need to get through this horrible time.

Hannah Al Rashid

Actress Hannah Al Rashid is aiming to raise funds for the victims of Palu with a target of Rp50 million. The actress said: “I don’t want to stay silent seeing our brothers and sisters in Palu who are affected. With the Aksi Cepat Tanggap Foundation, I want all my friends to help them.” Hannah's target went successfully above her target and has since reached Rp75 million. 

Google and AppleUntitled-1.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Google & Apple

Google and Apple have also played a significant role in contributing to the victims of Palu. Each company will donate a total amount of US$1 million. These companies are helping in giving victims hope that they can make it through this horrible phase together.

Afgansyah Reza, Isyana Sarasvati, and Rendy Pandugo

Well-known Indonesian singers Afgansyah Reza, Isyana Sarasvati, and Rendy Pandugo have started a fundraiser called “Afgan Isyana Rendy For Central Sulawesi”, with all proceeds going to victims. The aim is to collect Rp100 million within the next 28 days. Through an Instagram post explaining their sadness about the catastrophes, the three singers have gotten their fans and the Indonesian public to donate.

Li Ka-Shing

Wealthy and affluent Hong Kong businessman Li Ka-Shing made a contribution of Rp75 billion (US$5 million) to the victims of Palu. With US$2 million from CK Hutchison Holdings and US$3 million from the Li Ka-Shing Foundation, this man’s caring contribution will surely help Palu get through this horrific disaster. This fund was given through the Indonesia One Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Artha Graha Peduli Foundation

The Artha Graha Peduli Foundation is an Indonesian social, humanitarian, environmental, and philanthropic organisation. It sent volunteers and assistance to Palu by taking part in the Technology Service to Central Sulawesi carried out by the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) Alumni Association. Artha Graha’s contribution will surely be helpful to Palu and will no doubt be a contributing factor to its recovery.

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