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An abbreviation of “For Every One”, FOREO strives to develop new innovations to provide the best and most effective way to perform your beauty routine. Launched in 2013, FOREO has been growing fast as the brand revolutionises the beauty industry. Other than the FOREO UFO Smart Mask, the LUNA 2 by FOREO is also a product that you should try for achieving flawless skin.

Enhanced with the advanced T-Sonic facial cleansing brush and anti-ageing system, LUNA 2 will eliminate any blemishes you have while taking care of any concerns related to ageing skin. LUNA 2 also has the power to clean up to 99.5% of dirt and oil, including makeup residue. That said, regular use will definitely make your skin smoother, softer, and more toned in only a two-minute, twice-daily routine that includes cleansing mode and anti-ageing treatment.

This magical device also comes off with four distinct models, each for different skin types, including combination, oily, normal, and sensitive skin. You also don’t need to worry a thing about its hygiene as it is made with gentle and ultra-hygienic medical-grade silicone that can resist bacteria. To make it even more perfect, this device is rechargeable via a USB cable with one full charge lasting up to 450 uses, allowing you to have your treatment anytime without having to recharge it after each use.

Price: Rp 3,550,000

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