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UFO Smart Mask by FOREO

If you’re searching for a new and efficient way to do your skincare routine, then FOREO is one brand that you definitely have to try. This Sweden-based company is constantly developing revolutionary innovations to provide the very best and most effective way to treat yourself. The FOREO UFO Smart Mask is one of the examples.

Complete with the advanced hyper-infusion technology by FOREO, UFO Smart Mask will absolutely boost the effect of your UFO-activated masks and give your skin the best treatment. Just give it 90 seconds to do its magic, and you will get a spa-worthy facial treatment, making it perfect for those who have tight schedules.

Being lightweight, portable, and water-resistant, you can also have your treatment anywhere and anytime even if you’re travelling. You only need charge it via a USB cable and one full charge can last up to 40 uses. Available in three colours: fuschia, mint, and pearl pink, this device is perfect, be it for your own personal use or as a gift to your loved ones.

The price of UFO before discount: USD 279, after 25% discount USD 209,25

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