story-20170330162625-selayar-beach-view-_resized_600x399.jpgWhen planning an island getaway in beautiful Indonesia, most will look towards Bali or Lombok and its Gili Island cousins as their easiest options. However, there are so many more choices at your disposal.

This is not surprising as Indonesia is home to more than 14,000 islands, which might be a little overwhelming. So, to help, here are few islands that you may not have thought about when planning your next local getaway.  

Karimun Jawa Island

gallery1-20170330144045-KarimunjawaAzwariNugraha_resized_570x378.jpgJust off the coast of Central Java, are the 27 idyllic islands that make up Karimunjawa. With clean sugar-sand beaches and clear oceans, it is a popular destination.

However, even with the easy access and constant ferries from Japara it remains a stunning fairy-tale-like destination. Perfect for a quick getaway or long weekend with friends or family.   


gallery1-20170330144045-viablog.wakatobi_resized_625x469.jpgAs Sulawesi is the 11th-largest Island in the world, it is hardly unnoticed. However along its coast are some of the most stunning and majestic island sights you can find. With each offering an experience that would not be out of place in National Geographic magazine or on the cover of a tourist guide you will be spoiled for choice.

To the north you could experience some of the most diverse marine life in Bunaken or to the south you can enjoy diving and water so clear you don’t even have to get off the boat in Wakatobi.

Weh Island

gallery1-20170330144046-WehBenBland_resized_570x380.jpgAs tourists only discovered this island oasis around 10 years ago, Weh has remained a beautiful island paradise. Enjoy some of the country’s best snorkelling and diving, or just relax and watch the local wildlife while you sit under a palm tree. Located just off the coast of Sumatra, Weh offers a glimpse of what life is like without mass tourism.

Rote Island

gallery1-20170330144045-Nusa_Manuk2C_Sth_West_Rote_resized_600x402.jpgSimilar to Pulau Weh, Rote takes you back to a time when beaches were empty of sunbathers and local livestock roamed freely. Even though it is located only 500 kilometres northwest of Australia, it has remained remarkably empty apart from the occasional wave-hunting surfer. Locals will offer you their cabanas and guest houses to stay in, while foreign-owned hotels and resorts are beginning to appear.

Photo credits: Azwari Nugraha, Ben Bland, Travelasiaindonesia

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