Going on a holiday is fun, but there are sacrifices we have to make before being able to fully take our mind off work or school. On the one hand, we’re all happy that the most popular time for trips abroad is finally here, but on the other, we dread spending long hours on flights. However good the upgrade that airlines offer—from entertainment options, plusher amenities, to better food options that have been added to economy classes in recent years—being stuck on a cramped plane for hours filled with screaming children while your whole body is aching is simply drop-dead dreadful.

Thankfully, though, with the right tips, it is possible not to only make your flight a little more comfortable, bearable, and maybe enjoyable, even. Here we have listed four tips on how to survive a long-haul flight.

 The perfect seat


The perfect seat, according to research, is located in the back. Why? Because chances are while everyone is gunning for the front seats, with bigger legroom mind you, the rear of the cabin will end up with an empty seat or two for passengers to stretch their legs or even sleep.

Tip: Get enough sleep a day before the travelling day. Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated since the air on board is dryer and cold air holds a lower density of water molecules than hot air.

Eye mask, earplugs, and neck pillow


For those who travel for 20 hours or more, some shut-eye, and shut-ear in this case, is needed. Block all the noise (read: screaming babies) by finding the right earplugs; for example, mouldable silicone earplugs which are designed to seal out most sounds. Meanwhile, travellers should find the right eye mask that fits snugly and comfortably across their eyes and face to block the lights on the plane. For neck pillows, buy a sturdy one to prevent neck pain.

Tip: Travellers can also use their noise-cancelling headphones as an alternative.

Keep it loose


Keep it loose and comfortable is the mantra for long-haul flights. Stay away from stiff fabrics and tight-fitting clothes and opt for loose-fitting cotton pants and a cotton shirt or blouse. Next, long-hour flights' clothing should be light and breathable but still shelter you against the AC’s cold chill. What about accessories? Always have shawl or a light sweater handy if the cabin turns chilly suddenly and don’t forget to wear warm socks to guard against cold toes. Also, don’t forget to bring layers for when it gets cold and don’t rule out packing pyjamas because remember that you will be up in the air for hours!

Tip: Compression socks also help in preventing deep vein thrombosis or blood clots.

Switch your time zone


Some know this while others don’t: you can hack jetlag by adjusting your watch! It’s important to acclimatise to a certain time zone according to your sojourn. The trick is to change your watch to the local time of your destination and then alter your routine accordingly.

Tip: Another way to combat jetlag is by getting as much daylight as you can. Take a quick nap and exercise when you can while you are away to make sure the jetlag doesn’t linger once you are on the way back home.

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