Vacations are probably the best time of the year. The word “vacation” has the ability to make you feel a sudden rush of adrenalin and we can’t argue why not. People go on vacations for many different reasons, whether it’s for a honeymoon, or just a short getaway from the daily hustle and bustle we face - a vacation is always the right thing to do. What’s even better is how many holiday spots this world has to offer now. Tempts all of us to turn into globetrotters, doesn’t it? Indonesian celebrities and socialites behind all the hard work, live a lavish life where they get the chance to explore the world one vacay at a time. Curious who? Find out the best holiday spots visited by Indonesian celebrities and socialites.

Victoria, Australia - Chelsea Islan and Daffa Wardhana

Known for its beautiful wineries and fall vegetation, Bright a town in Australia is as bright as its name sounds. Bright acts as the starting point for the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. The path is a hiking and cycling path. This town has a lot to offer from splash parks to wildlife tours, and everything in between. Chelsea Islan and Daffa Wardhana spent a gorgeous autumn in Bright recently and we can’t help but say everything seemed so bright. Their love, the leaves and the town were all painted in bright colors.

Milan, Italy - Millane Fernandez and Raline Shah

Best friends who travel together, stay together. Millane Fernandez and Raline Shah are who were talking about. From being globetrotters together, these ladies have set the goal high for besties. One of their fun-filled holidays was in Milan, Italy - the city known for fashion and design and has a lot of tourist spots in it.

Montonegro - Indra Djokosoetono

A Balkan country, Montonegro is your one stop to paradise. Filled with well-built mountains, primitive villages and a long beach from one of the Adriatic coastline to the other, Montonegro is equivalent to heaven; as you can see how perfect it looks on Indra Djokosoetono’s picture! For anyone who needs to treat themselves to a sunny, beach holiday, this is your stop.

Poland - Sonia Eryka

Poland, known for its heritage and architecture this country is timeless and classical, and will always be. Filled with scenic views and the polish vibe, Sonia Eryka has seen it all on her Polish holiday. There are a lot of museums and historic spots to visit around Poland to learn more about the Eastern European culture.


Maldives - Maria and Elizabeth Rahajeng

Known for crystal-clear oceans, white sand and everything paradise, Maldives has become everyone’s go-to summer vacation. Maria Rahajeng and Elizabeth Rahajeng, with their swimsuits and bright smiles, looked like they had the time of their lives in Maldives. We mean, with palm trees and the ocean, we are booking our next trip there!

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