Picture this: the sky is the bluest cerulean as you lull around on your hammock; a Truman Capote book rests on your chest, as you drift away to the sound of the sea gently crashing on a morning tide. You lie there still as you can’t help but notice how the water glimmers against the clear white sand and the vibrant sunshine. So you get down, feel the sand between your toes, and walk slowly to the inviting water.

If this is your idea of a perfect retirement picture, then you’re in for a treat, as Indonesia hosts some of the most glorious private islands to spoil you in the best way possible. So prepare your sun hats, grab your surfboard, and take a look at these most glorious private islands.


Exotic, breezy, and luxuriously modern are the perfect words to describe the heavenly adults-only getaway of Cempedak Private Island in Bintan, Riau. The first thing you might notice at this place is the length it goes to be eco-conscious, with pillars made of bamboo to support the massive thickly thatched roof. The food is mouthwatering and daily changed accordingly to the daily catch and the season, while the drinks, on the other hand, are always on hand with three bars to visit. You can pick various types of activities to do ranging from tennis, scuba diving and snorkelling, to rock climbing. For more, read our ultimate guide on all things you need to know on Cempedak Island!


Amanwana is the kind of resort that shelters the hidden gems of Bali and everything everybody else missed out on. Covered in pristine and undisturbed rainforest, Moyo Island, which is where Amanwana is located, is a nature reserve in which everything remains unencumbered for 32,000 hectares. Unlike Cempedak, Amanwana is open for younger visitors, offering many activities and even babysitting services. The dishes are finely presented, made only from the freshest catches from the sea plus vegetables grown in the garden. There are loads of amazing activities you can try, ranging from trekking to snorkelling, and for the cherry on the top, you can spoil yourself at the end of the day at Jungle Cove Spa, an open-air sanctuary with a massage table, shower, and sunken tub.


Being located in one of the most luscious island chains in Indonesia, Raja Ampat, Doberai is bound to be one of the most thrilling on this list. From attentive service and perfect three-course Indonesian meals to the extremely comfortable bungalow, Doberai will give you some of the best times of your life. Aside from hiking, diving, and snorkelling, Doberoi is also famous for its amazing birdlife as it shelters many species endemic to the island of Papua.

Nihi Sumba

From amazing scenery and clear water to perfect waves to surf, Nihi Sumba has gotten it all covered. What sets Nihi apart from every other spot on this list is that it offers various types of resort; for instance, Wamore presents a lush jungle gateway; Kasambi presents the perfect surf breaks on the beach; Marangga offers undisturbed views that overlook a seaside cliff; and so on.


Romantic and exotic—that’s what you would call Krakal. Unlike the others, Krakal may be very special because it is an extension to Kura Kura island in Central Java, which is only available for one night. Because of the fact that it is an unspoiled natural location, there are no electricity or kitchen facilities available. Although this might sound harsh, it can be the perfect escape from the ever-so-demanding modern world. With petrol lamps, torches, candles, and other manual tools, you can make your night at Krakal one of the most significant of your life.


Located on the southeastern corner of Bintan Island, Pangkil Island may be perfect if you’re a big fan of a getaway vacation to a remote, traditionally built private island. Some of the activities you can do here are sailing, boules, kayaking, snorkelling, volleyball, and many more. The special thing about this one is the amazing yet simplistic Indonesian cuisine that is ready to whet your appetite. As for the drinks? Don’t worry, they never run out of beers and other beverages.

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