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Nestled in the exclusive and pristine natural surroundings of Ubud, Samsara Ubud’s wedding experience is filled with unique moments of intimacy and elegance. Tailored to couples’ specific needs, the focus is on making each moment count as attention to detail takes centre stage.

Nowadays, extravagant weddings with guest lists reaching astonishing numbers are often followed by a smaller reception elsewhere; Samsara Ubud is the perfect place for such celebration special for the closest of families and friends that will make everyone’s day something truly special. It could be something as simple as two people in love or as many as 60 guests—Samsara Ubud’s gravity-defying infinity pool with the beautiful backdrop of the Payangan rainforest and a transparent walkway stage set in the middle of an expansive pool creates a host of unforgettable romantic moments.

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Along with friendly and knowledgeable wedding coordinators and specialists who can take care of all the document preparation and admin support a wedding may require, Samsara Ubud also offers options to help in delivering a highly personalised special day. Intimate wedding spaces for smaller couples’ ceremonies, cocktail receptions, or standup buffets to be enjoyed in the beautiful outdoor garden or at the Kelusa restaurant—every variation is taken care of.

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Meanwhile, Samsara Ubud’s culinary team is on hand to create a menu that fulfils every desire. Filled with sumptuous food, exotic dishes, and refreshing tropical beverages, the menu makes the most of the natural surroundings that make up the backdrop of any destination wedding. With such attention to detail and outstanding service, all couples will have to do is worry about choosing from a host of options that will make their day even more special with every choice.

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When looking for an intimate dream wedding that will leave everyone with unforgettable memories and unique moments, Samsara Ubud is perfect choice. Visit to view the options available before booking a room and the venue, or call +62 361 2091 769 to talk to the Samsara Ubud team.