Milan is such a vibrant city, rich with museums, cultural events, artistic masterpieces, trendy shopping areas, and great food. Indonesia Tatler, together with Bank Mandiri (Mandiri Private Banking) and 24 of its loyal customers, recently visited and explored Milan, the city where centuries of history and heritage blend seamlessly with cutting-edge styles and fashions.

This visit to Milan was held as part of a travelling reward programme entitled “A Path to Unforgettable Italy-France”, which gave the loyal customers of Mandiri Private Banking the privilege of experiencing a one-of-a-kind luxury European vacation, visiting Italy and France, along with a wide range of complimentary perks.

Even though we didn’t have much time—basically, 24 hours in Milan—it’s worth a stop even for a few hours on the fastest of itineraries. You really can visit Milan’s highlights in just one day, or even less if you’re on a tight agenda. So here are some of Milan’s highlights, based on the itinerary of our Mandiri Private Luxury Trip, for those of you who are looking for history, art, or simply want to experience shopping and come back home a little more stylish!

Marvel at the beauty of the Duomo

Grab a cappuccino and start your day with a walk around the Duomo, the third-largest Gothic cathedral in the world, and literally the centre of Milan both in location and as the beating heart of the city. Marvel at the scale and beauty of the Duomo, and be blown away by the intricate architecture of statues, as well as learn about its long history.

Did you know it took centuries to build Duomo? And after the latest restoration, it surely looks impressive. If you have the chance, don’t miss a visit to the roof! From there, you get awesome panoramic views over Milan. 

Discover history at Sfroza Castle

Another must-see in Milan is Sforza Castle, which was built in the 15th century, a famous site for Milan’s museums and which is now an integral part of the cultural life of the city. It is a complex that includes numerous museums that you can enjoy during your trip, such as the Egyptian Museum, the Museum of Prehistory, and the Museum of Musical Instruments.

This building deserves a visit not only for its history, but also for the many artistic treasures from several eras, that you can admire. Here, you can also enjoy the Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece The Last Supper. 

Enjoy performance art at La Scala Theatre

For those who love performance art, especially ballet and opera, don’t miss a visit to La Scala Theatre, one of the world's most-famous opera houses. You can watch a show here, or admire the ornate stage, crystal chandelier, or orchestra pit from a vantage point in one of the public boxes.

But if your agenda is tight, this place is still worth stopping by for a quick visit. At the very least, you can take photos with the legendary Leonardo Da Vinci statue as the backdrop, right in the middle of La Scala Theatre square, so keep your camera handy as you pass through!

Shopping and sightseeing at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

No tour of Milan would be complete without taking in the city’s finest shopping hotspot. Located right on the Duomo square, you can stroll around the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the oldest and largest shopping arcade in Italy.

With a dome soaring 48 metres above its mosaic floor, it houses a vast array of designer brands and which was brimming with high-end cafes and restaurants. Here, you can sip coffee and people-watch, shop or browse well-known brands at the chic boutiques and luxury stores, or simply marvel at the beautiful architecture. 

Explore San Siro Stadium

A trademark of Italy is not only its history, art, and fashion, but also its sport. For any football fanatic, San Siro Stadium is an essential place of pilgrimage.

With a capacity of around 80,000 people, San Siro is a home to the Italian and world-famous football teams AC Milan and FC Inter, and is one of the most astounding sport buildings in the world, built in 1925. But San Siro is not only a symbol of sport, but also a venue for music concerts and internationally renowned events. 

Savour top-quality cuisine

Milan is, of course, not just street food, pizza or typical diners, but also has top-quality cuisine that is internationally recognised. When it was time for dinner, we savoured a delicious dish at the one of the Michelin-starred restaurants, located just a few metres away from the Duomo and which specialises in Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisine. You can also have a dinner around Duomo square and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, where you can find a stunning variety of restaurants.






Photo credit: Dewi Irma, Pixabay, Milanocard, Orizzonteitalia

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