As part of the Mandiri Private Luxury Trip with Mandiri Private Banking to Europe, which we covered a while ago, other than our visit to Milan, we also went to Monaco. We know that Monaco is the world’s second-smallest country (after Vatican City), but that doesn’t stop it from being a great place to visit!

This visit to Monaco was held as part of a travelling reward programme entitled “A Path to Unforgettable Italy-France”, which gave loyal customers of Mandiri Private Banking the privilege to experience a one-of-a-kind luxury European vacation, visiting Italy and France and enjoying a wide range of complimentary perks. In total, 24 customers joined this trip and Indonesia Tatler also had the chance to accompany the VIPs on this vacation programme—and it was glorious!

From the Grand Prix circuit, superyachts in the harbour and the iconic casino to the high-end bijou boutiques, there may only be one word to describe Monaco, and that is “glamour”. So, here are our recommendations for places to visit while you’re in Monaco, based on our experiences during the Mandiri Private Luxury Trip. Follow this stylish itinerary, and let’s explore Monaco!

Spin around the circuit of the Monaco Grand Prix

When in Monaco, the iconic F1 Grand Prix circuit is surely not to be missed. So on your arrival, don’t forget to take on a spin around the circuit or drive along a portion of the route. This is a unique race in the F1 Grand Prix around Europe, which runs on a circuit comprising city streets, tunnels, and a view of the bay, making it a beautiful and thrilling spectacle.

Wander around the picturesque “The Rock”

Don’t miss a visit to the picturesque old town, known as “The Rock”, and take in the romantic atmosphere of the old cobblestone streets, rich in antiques shops and art galleries. This oldest section of Monaco is surely a great place to take photographs of amazing panoramic views of the sparkling marina and yachts, and to shop for some souvenirs or grab a bite to eat!

Admire the Prince’s Palace

Still in the Old Town area, don’t forget to stop by at the Prince’s Palace of Monaco. Admire the building, which was lavishly decorated in the Renaissance style, and discover the history of the Palace and the Grimaldi family. Every day, just before midday, the changing of the guards ceremony takes place in front of the palace. It’s not an extravaganza show, but is quite fun to watch, so if you’re interested, try to come a little early to get a better view.

Visit St Nicholas Cathedral

Continue your pleasant walk to the lovely St Nicholas Cathedral where you can pay homage to the Princes and Princesses of Monaco who are buried there, and also admire this Romanesque church with its facade of white marble as being beautiful and peaceful.

Soak in the magic of Monte Carlo's casino


In Monaco, there are many panoramic viewpoints, but probably the most iconic sight is the casino, famously featured in James Bond films. The casino area, with all the flashy sports cars, high-end shops, and beautiful gardens to be found there, is the epicentre of all things haute in Monte Carlo.

Even if you’re not a gambler, the design of the building and the surroundings still ensure a wonderful visit. One of our favourite moments was stopping by the restaurant located in front of the casino, and people-watching while we indulged a big glass of gelato.


Photo credit: Dewi Irma, Pixabay, The Globe and Mail

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