Daniel Mananta

Top of my travel wish list is probably Iceland. I just want to rent out a caravan and explore the country, having that once-in-a-lifetime adventure where I go searching for Aurora and bask in its beauty and fresh air. I watched Walter Mitty and I fell in love with Iceland from that movie.


Ayla Dimitri

My top two travel wish list destinations are Bhutan and Jordan. Bhutan because I am interested to learn about the culture and way of living that shapes their mindsets as the happiest country in the world. Jordan because I am interested to learn about their culture and tradition, especially the Lost City, where history shows that even in the past, humans’ way of thinking has already been progressive.


Dana Maulana

Top of my travel wish list is the UK, specifically London. The reason is because I had the opportunity to call it home while I was taking my master’s degree, and I never had the chance to go back after completing my degree. I am planning to take my family on an adventure and explore London next year as it will be exciting to tell all of my stories and create new memories with my sons when they are old enough to understand and experience a different culture. I can’t wait to reminisce and take them for a walk down memory lane to which restaurant have the best fish and chips or where I used to live and work, along with the many vices and virtues of London. Moreover, now that my sons are old enough, long flights won’t be a problem.

Revano Satria

London, because it holds a lot of good memories for me. I used to study there and it’s also my wife’s favourite city. The thing we love most about London is because it’s the centre of culture and design in the world, so we can easily find anything related to art and culture events in London.


Farwiza Farhan

My dream travel wish list is Botswana, Tanzania, Madagascar, the Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, Antarctica, and Brazil. These are the places with endangered species in their habitats, so I really want to see them before they’re all extinct or we can only see them in zoos or the movies. Many of us have watched Madagascar but how many of us are able to identify the wildlife? How many of us know about the different species of penguins living in Antarctica? Places with biodiversity that are found nowhere else on Earth like Amazon in Brazil are being converted into monoculture plantations and I want to experience their natural state before it’s all gone. 


Vanessa Budiharja

Bhutan, because it intrigues me that they are dubbed as the happiest people on Earth. Is it the people? Culture? Nature? Spirituality? I guess I’ll find out when I’m there [laughs].

Muhammad Yukka Harlanda

Sweden! It’s where I got my name. Jükka is a river in Stockholm and Arlanda is Stockholm’s airport. Recently, me and my wife have been fascinated about all things Scandinavian: design, architecture, culture, and the educational system. A quick 14-day trip across Sweden is definitely on my travel wish list. A quick trip to the moon using Elon Musk’s rocket would be cool as well: definitely a million-dollar selfie!

Kevin Kumala

Tibet would be the country on my travel wish list. Having grown up in metropolitan cities such as Jakarta and LA to name a few, it would be a rare opportunity for me to be surrounded by a peaceful nature and to be one with nature. It would also be very interesting to absorb the culture of Tibet and decompress yourself at the same time. The moment you are able to decompress yourself, oftentimes you will find new ideas, especially new creative ideas.


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