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Creative Director of John Hardy Hollie Bonneville Barden explains that it is the dramatic beauty of Bali—where the brand originated in the 1970s—and its natural spirit that manifest most in the brand’s fall 2019 collection. “Drawing from a heritage that’s rich with bold and iconic jewellery, the fall 2019 collection brings forth the untamed and elaborate side of John Hardy made into talismans of power and self- expression,” she tells Indonesia Tatler.

Charged with soul and vitality, one of the collections from the latest set of launches has been influenced by the fact that Bali was shaped by powerful volcanic eruptions that spewed out lava, or lahar in Indonesian. Correspondingly, the John Hardy Lahar collection pays homage to the raw dynamic of Indonesia’s nature and art, with the icy stones cut into unique shapes boasting natural inclusions. Their beauty is further emphasised through the brand’s signature lava setting. Flowing waves of diamonds sweep across cuff bracelets, bold rings, and statement earrings.

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Other statement collections from fall 2019 include Modern Heritage, comprising designs that exude the legendary brand’s muse, Cynthia Hardy. Meanwhile, the Spear Chain collection radiates charged energy and fierce strength through spear motifs, while Hammered Palu merges with carved chains resulting in reversible necklaces, striking earrings, and flexible cuffs that play with the duality of texture and light. Furthermore, Knife Edge, New Dot, and the Asli Classi Chain Link Elevation represent the expansion of the men’s line, along with the introduction of the Keris Dagger, symbolising heroism, power, and the authority of ancient weaponry.

An evolution of the iconic Classic Chain collection, John Hardy also introduces the Tiga Classic Chain—a vintage reissue revisiting its origins in the 1980s and built by the brand’s artisans in Bali. Translating into the Indonesian word for “three”, the Tiga Classic Chain returns with a modern pyramidal form that adds height to a stack and locks with a double-faceted clasp for women and men.

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Inspired by the signature weave of the Classic Chain, this technique comes directly from traditional Balinese chain weaving, where women weave offerings of flowers for the gods as well as baskets and cloth as part of their daily lives, and the collection is still 100 per cent woven by women. Weaving together both past and present, John Hardy’s Tiga Classic Chain collection offers a selection of styles for men in bracelets and women in bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

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