Be it the number eight, a piece of precious wood, the colour green or talismanic stones and symbols, keep these lucky high jewellery pieces close to invite good fortune:


Photo: Courtesy of Fred

8°C dangling earrings in white gold set with diamonds.

Harry Winston29131416-JewelleryNews-JewelleryandWatch-1056x5202_resized_520x1056.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Harry Winston

The City Charm pendant in gold incorporates a traditional Chinese lucky knot.


Photo: Courtesy of Mikimoto

Fortune Leaves necklaces in gold set with diamonds and akoya pearls.


Photo: Courtesy of Piaget

Rows of multishaped diamonds intertwine to create an 8 pattern in this necklace from the Extremely Piaget collection.


Photo: Courtesy of Qeelin

Yuyi jadeite double-chain bracelet inspired by the Yuyi lock, an age-old Chinese talisman.

Tiffany & Co29131422-JewelleryNews-JewelleryandWatch-1056x5206_resized_520x1056.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany & Co

Tiffany Keys star pendant in platinum set with diamonds.

Sarah Ho29131423-JewelleryNews-JewelleryandWatch-1056x5207_resized_1056x520.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Ho

Numerati Lucky Number 8 ring in white gold encrusted with diamonds.


Photo: Courtesy of Annoushka

Touch Wood ring in yellow gold set with ebony and diamonds.

Carole Le Bris Perez29131423-JewelleryNews-JewelleryandWatch-1056x5209_resized_1056x520.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Carole Le Bris Perez

Pegasus signet ring in yellow gold engraved with a mythical creature said to bring luck.

De Beers29131429-JewelleryNews-JewelleryandWatch-1056x52011_resized_1056x520.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of De Beers

Talisman You & Me bangles of varying widths in yellow and white gold set with rough brown diamonds.


Photo: Courtesy of Dior

Volupté Spinelle Bleu ring, with shanks forming the lucky number 8, from Dior à Versailles Pièces Secrètes collection.


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