UltraLuxe, anchored by Asia's most prestigious festival JeweLuxe, will make its debut this year at the TENT@Ngee Ann City from 21 – 30 October. It is also augmented by two inaugural shows,  the Advocacy show that curates the purposeful and meaningful, and the Singapore Watch Fair. A world-first in presenting a strategic, differentiated and expanded version of luxury, UltraLuxe is a movement that promotes compelling talents and passions behind inspiring, meaningful and purposeful designs that span across jewellery, timepiece, fashion and living.

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Photo: Doc. UltraLuxe

The inaugural UltraLuxe 2022 presents the 'Luxury of Niche' that brings together a world-class curation of haute design and meticulous craft from nearly 90 internationally-acclaimed independent jewellery designers and houses, prestige watchmakers, celebrated fashion designers and living style brands. The festival is also supported by the Singapore Tourism Board.

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Photo: Doc. Infiniti Jewels

Exhibition aside, UltraLuxe allows shoppers to purchase iconic jewels and watches from around the world. A variety of diamonds and unique gems will be presented by independent jewellery designers to showcase their designs, such as the State Property pearl necklace that show game-changing minimalism that is always accompanied by design features unique to the brand. Guests and visitors also can discover the ancient craft of jewellery and watchmaking while getting connected with nature and culture. 

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Photo: Doc. State Property

UltraLuxe gives consumers an experience like never before. With themes of 'Icons and Legacies' and 'Wonders & Passion', JeweLuxe revitalises the tradition of craft and presents the curation of rare and exceptional pieces that materialise in the form of luxurious, gem-studded legacy necklaces.

Tradition aside, the exhibition will also showcase the designers' passion for tasteful and creative cuts, plus the setting of precious gems to create wondrous jewellery. Be enthralled by the 30-carat Emerald Cut D Colour ring from Morcha or the luxe diamond studded blue sapphire in hearts necklace by Infiniti Jewels that should not be missed at the exhibition. 

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Photo: Doc. Morcha

Visitors and shoppers can meet and shop directly from world-class jewellery designers from around the globe, such as Alexander of Tenzo, Gioia of Sicis, Paolo of Paolo Costagli, Alexander of Mousson Atelier, Emi Stames of Zahira, Nuttapon and Shar-Linn of Kavant & Sharart, Michael of Caratell, Anuj of Umrao, Ying Li of La Putri, Manjrie of Manjrie, Emily of Calla Lily and Sara of An Order of Bling.


Photo: Doc. Tenzo 

The Advocacy Show

With a focus on purposeful luxury that sustains and elevates nature, culture, talent, passions and the community, The Advocacy Show is a first-of-its-kind exhibition that curates cross-industry collaboration.

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Photo: Doc. Masterstrokes

Featuring brands that are built on meaning and imbued with purpose, the Advocacy Show brings together the world of fashion, jewellery and living to present a new vision of luxury for a new generation of shoppers. With currated themed showcases such as Duchess & Queen, Urban Manifesto, The New Modern, NeueLuxe, Fashion of Asia, and The Studio, the designers under each category will present iconic styles and pieces.

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Photo: Doc. Utopia 

The Singapore Watch Fair
The Singapore Watch Fair aims to become Asia's most distinct and respected hub for watchmaking. The exhibition will feature local and international brands such as Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, Furlan Marri, Behrens, Patek Philippe ref. 2499/100 and Singer Reimagined. Within an immersive and luxurious exhibition space, visitors can participate in engaging activities that consist of historical displays and world-class watchmaking content. Guests also can gain insights from curators, watchmakers, designers and experts through 'Talking Time' – a lineup of masterclasses featuring Carson Chan and Alexandre Bigler.



Photo: Doc. Patek Philippe ref. 2499/100


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Photo: Doc. L'Epée 1839

Must-see Brands at UltraLuxe

Don’t miss Manjrie’s reinvention of traditional Indian modern aesthetics, as it features carved emeralds with Polki diamonds and Meenakari or the Fashion of Asia showcase.

Other designers include Umrao, who will feature a pair of diamond and topaz Art Deco earclips. For those who fancy unique luxury, there will also be a Caratell 16.38-carat bluish-green Tourmaline ring with layers of Baguette white and yellow diamonds, inspired by cascading farm fields in the Machu Picchu Mountain.

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Photo: Doc. Umrao


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Photo: Doc. Caratell

The 'NeueLuxe' showcases audacious designs of new luxury that embraces the bold, to instil happiness with the play of colours and adventurous design concepts. Take a look at Alexander Laut’s 'Eternal Kiss' cocktail ring that represents the union of opposites using yellow sapphire and white diamonds, or Renee Jewellers’ fancy accent through dramatic chandelier earrings of yellow briolette and white diamonds. 


Photo: Doc. Alexander Laut


Photo: Doc. Renee Jewellers

To find out more about the show, visit www.UltraLuxe.io/