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Speaking a universal language that goes far beyond gender, age, trends, eras and personal style, the new Bvlgari Aluminium watch 2020 reignites the fire lit back in 1998 by the first-generation models. More than 20 years later, the iconic sport watch keeps propelling the idea of luxury into the future signature elegance and daring.

Smart and cool, the new Bvlgari Aluminium watch is immediately recognizable as part of Bvlgari DNA while embodying sophisticated, sporty and modern expression. Since its debut, the iconic timepiece remains a natural-born provocateur that stands out from current watchmaking codes.

1d1d3b4c-666b-4343-b144-094f27243414.jpgPhoto courtesy: Bvlgari

Crafted in aluminum cases and rubber straps, the new Bvlgari Watch pays homage to the house’s first watch. When it first launched back in the ‘90s, the combination of two materials was considered a bold movement yet revolutionary. However, the unconventional innovation brought victory for the brand as it became the pioneer in reinventing the idea of luxury. The elegant and daring watch that transcends times and borders.

Comes in clean dial design, the new Aluminium time-and-date and the chronograph models are housed in 40 mm largish cases with titanium case backs. While the watch already has a lot of character, the segmented rubber strap with aluminum inserts adds even more, making the Bulgari Aluminium watches look unlike any other watch in the market – which is a big plus for attracting a new clientele in search of something fresh.

b57db30e-c2a8-4cc4-a64f-e8bc88ebce72.jpgPhoto courtesy: Bvlgari

Simple yet striking, the collection approached the watchmaking world with boldness and strength that felt refreshing and just a touch irreverent.