rez525-nx-0170-rx-orl18-sd-hr-w.jpgWatchmaking and contemporary art have collided as Hublot collaborates with Richard Orlinski to bring to life the artist’s bright and wild universe. Orlinski joins an illustrious list of Hublot collaborators that include Maxime Büchi, Lapo Elkann, Pelé, Lang Lang, Bar Refaeli, Usain Bolt, and even Dustin Johnson.

The resulting watch—the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski—features brand-new designs that play on angles and reflections, much like Orlinski’s sculptures. Ridges and facets on the watch reflect each other, from the case to the bezel and the push buttons to the hands. In celebration of the beautiful union, two locations were selected to showcase the timepiece: the Hublot boutique and the Markowicz Fine Art Gallery, where Orlinski’s works are on show—both in Miami.






Orlinski’s signature multifaceted angular sculptures are hard to miss. Brightly coloured like the Pop Art that inspired them, these sculptures can be found all over the world from his immense “Wild Kong” gorilla sculpture on the Croisette in Cannes and his crocodiles in the Miami Design District to his 5m-tall bear on the snowy pistes of Courchevel.

Eager to constantly challenge himself, Richard creates his sculptures by cutting them like diamonds. In the hands of Richard Orlinski, the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph is adorned with multiple facets—12, to be exact, just like those that punctuate the dial of a watch.

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