Rich, sleek, and rightfully elegant, Hublot’s Classic Fusion Berluti chronograph is a true gentleman’s timepiece. With the great reception of the original collection, the horlogerie master is launching two new limited-edition colours: Burgundy red and ocean blue.

Known as the go-to fashion house for menswear and leather goods, Berluti’s designs are minimalist yet powerful, prioritising the high-quality materials and incredible craftsmanship that go into making its pieces. Hoping to delve into the world of timepieces, it comes as no surprise that two years ago Berluti chose to partner up with Hublot, the leading Swiss luxury watchmaker of exceptional calibre.Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti Scritto Bordeaux.jpg

Clad in House of Berluti’s signature Venezia Scritto leather, the Classic Fusion Berluti chronograph combines the efforts of the two legendary houses. Berluti’s pride and joy, the Venezia Scritto, bears intricate engravings owing to 18th century calligraphy. Treated to the same mineral and vegetable tanning that Berluti shoes go through, the depth of these watches’ colours itself tells a story of rich, longstanding heritage, which is now also translated in the new Burgundy red and ocean blue editions.

Paired with the Burgundy red leather is Hublot’s iconic King Gold, an exclusive gold that has a redder tinge compared with the traditional 18K gold. For those who prefer cooler tones, Hublot has made the timepiece’s counterpart in ocean blue, complete with titanium details. Whether it’s the Burgundy or the blue, these rich Classic Fusion Berluti chronographs elevate style while still maintaining versatility. Whether worn with a dapper suit or a casual T-shirt, these painstakingly classy watches will leave a lasting impression. Hublot’s Classic Fusion Berluti chronograph speaks to the charming man known for his effortless style.Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti Scritto Ocean Blue-4.jpg

Central to the timepiece is the horlogerie’s classic 45mm case, satin-finished and in polished titanium for the oceanic blue watch, or 18K King Gold for the Burgundy red watch. Beneath the anti-reflective sapphire glass lies genuine blue or Bordeaux Berluti patinated Venezia Leather with Scritto décor, with the indices delicately embossed around “Automatic” and “Swiss Made” indications. With the special HUB1143 self-winding chronograph movement and a 43-hour power reserve, the Classic Fusion Berluti chronograph is truly a celebration of strength and elegance.

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