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You personally, or maybe your business, will have assets or valuables that you want to make sure are stored safely. Thieves exist not only in movies but also in real life, so it definitely makes sense to consider protecting and storing your most precious possessions in a safe.

That’s where Chubbsafes comes in. For almost two hundred years—since 1835, in fact—Chubbsafes has been recognised as one of the most established brands for safes, vaults, and vault doors. It is trusted the world over with clients including high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, national banks, and royal families.

Now Chubbsafes is raising the bar when it comes to security for your prized possessions. Not only does it provide security options for your personal belongings, but Chubbsafes also offers beauty and an opulent and luxury finish.

Recently, Chubbsafes introduced the Opulent Collection of limited-edition safes. This exclusive range is professionally hand-finished with European craftsmanship, and beautifully combines opulent and exquisite design, and also an innovation with maximum protection, ensuring your precious objects are protected.

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Using only the finest materials, each safe is tailored to your security needs, with an expert dedication to every detail and an impressive choice of finishes to make it uniquely yours. Chubbsafes uses Dualite as its material protector to ensure resistance to theft and fire.

Not only that, but there’s also an expert leather finish with a variety of colour options to suit your interior décor and lifestyle. All prepared and stitched by hand with an extinguished finish, resulting in an opulent and luxury design exceptional security.


Photo: Courtesy of Chubbsafes

There’re also high-quality, programmable watch winders, with clockwise and counter-clockwise cycles, ensuring your automatic watches are in optimal condition and ready to wear. And as part of a limited edition of only 250, your bespoke safe is issued with its own individual number professionally inside of the door.


Photo: Courtesy of Chubbssafes

And it doesn’t end there, because there’s also locking mechanisms with a choice of traditional key or electronic keypad certified locks, together with distinct drawers and linings in which a choice of exclusive suede drawers is available in a selection of half- and standard-depth, or deep sizes. Configurable layouts are complemented by sumptuous soft linings in an array of colours to protect and present your jeweller and valuables.

The last touch to help you make the decision is choosing your favourite colours and textures for the safes, from full-grain, Nappa leather, and suede selections. Just customise your favourite colours with all the fabulous materials and you will find your own perfectly customised safes.

You can discuss your luxury bespoke requirements with a professional team from Chubbsafes as part of a fully comprehensive consultation. Following this preliminary discussion to assess your security needs, your attention can turn to the finer details to ensure your chosen safe compliments your lifestyle.

Star your free, no-obligation consultation now: contact Prasti Prameswari on 0812 8075 7912 or Ellen on 0819 2950 3355, and you will be able to sleep soundly knowing your most precious belongings are in a safe place.

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