Shining, shimmering, splendid! One thing everyone looks forward to other than an engagement itself is- the diamond ring. The ring is a very important element of an engagement because it represents a lifetime of commitment for the beautiful couple. When it comes to our Indonesian celebrities and socialites, the men are doing an extremely good job in picking out the perfect ring for the ladies. Let’s take a look at the biggest stones found on some of their fingers.

Rosalindynata Gunawan

Rosalindynata and Adika Nuraga Bakrie (Aga) celebrated their engagement party at The Dharmawangsa hotel and the #FinAling couple definitely knew how to throw a celebration. Aga Bakrie did the whole get-on-one-knee proposal during the engagement party itself. Aga proposed with a heart-shaped ring and gave everyone a little surprise. The #FinAling couple is all things adorable.

Olivia Lazuardy

We absolutely love keeping up with the #111LoveStory about Olivia Lazuardy and her better half, Kalvin. The couple, who have been absolutely charming right from the start, shared quite the proposal, too! Olivia, who was at Digital Fashion Week 2015 at the time, was taken aback when she saw Kalvin, who was so nervous that he couldn’t get the ring out of his pocket. The engagement ring was round and definitely sparkly.

Nicoline Patricia Malina

Nicoline Patricia Malina, someone who’s been capturing couples’ engagements for more than a decade, has now finally celebrated her own. Nicoline was proposed to in Manhattan and described the proposal as very simple, with the two lying down in a fort and talking about life. It’s always the simplest things that leave us with the best memories. The ring is also one that definitely stands out.

Vicy Melani

The most-talked-about engagement this month, Kevin Aprilio and Vicky Melani, saw the two on vacation in South Korea, with Kevin finding the perfect moment to bend on his knees and ask the woman of his dreams to marry him. The ring, fully covered in diamonds, is definitely one for the books.

Sherly Fausta

#MeetTheAlinskies! Michael Alinskie and Sherly Fausta have been married for more than a year now and it was a wedding to remember. Sherly received a beautiful ring that she always promised to wear with love and joy. The ring, which was a piece from jewellryanda, fitted onto Sherly’s fingers just perfectly.

Paula Verhoeven

The #BaPau couple is everything we’ve always wanted. Baim, who put on a costume and got on one knee at the beach, gave Paula the surprise of her life. The two then proceeded to celebrate their engagement party at Balemong Resort with a stunning ring from Frank & co.

Tasya Kamila

We’ve been keeping up with Tasya and Randi’s journey right from the start. Tasya Kamila and Randi Bachtiar, who were in a long-distance relationship for six years, celebrated their engagement party so beautifully. Tasya’s diamond ring stood out along with her kebaya look that day.

Rachel Nathani

We can definitely count on this couple for the cutest engagement ever. Rachel, who was on vacation with Amrit and their friends in Bali, also received a surprise proposal. In the middle of the ocean, Amrit got on one knee in a yacht and gave Rachel the ring of a lifetime.

Tasya Farasya

Tasya Farasya and Ahmad Assegaf definitely come off as a royal couple. On their engagement day, Tasya and Ahmad were both dressed in gold-coloured outfits and let’s not forget Tasya’s diamond ring, which stole the show. All things royal, for sure.

Sharleen BharwaniScreen Shot 2019-01-29 at 1.43.41 PM.png

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Sharleen Bharwani

Power couple Sharleen Bharwani and Randy Hadipoespito celebrated their engagement party in September 2017 and had a party to remember. Sharleen was dressed in a striking red gown and Randy in a suit and tie. The engagement was full of gorgeous blooming flowers.

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