Maia Estianty, the gorgeous 42-year-old who doesn’t look a day over 20, recently tied the knot with business mogul Irwan Mussry at Masjid Tokyo Camii in Japan. The bride looked spectacular and fantastic in her out-of-the-ordinary white bridal dress, looking like an ethereal Javanese bride. Not only that, she looked effortless with the perfect amount of make-up and the stunning accessories she wore to complete her whole look. We fell in love with the look, and we’re sure you will too. So here’s everything we know about Maia Estianty’s wedding look.

The dress

Maia said “I do” in designer Olive and her Narciss Bandit piece. The dress was carefully customised just for the stunning bride to ensure she got the look she wanted. The designer and the bride go way back, and designer Olive has designed a thousand dresses for Maia ever since she was a fresh graduate. However, Olive acknowledged that designing this particular dress gave her all the tears of happiness.

The theme that Maia was going for was a Victorian Javanese bride, and her dress was 1920s-inspired and came with lots of lace patterning. The long-sleeved dress was ivory white and made from brocade, which is a richly decorative woven fabric, which itself was decorated with sequins. The dress, to make it look even more sophisticated, carried a Shanghai Collar. It’s no denying that Maia’s stunning dress became the talk of town, as it should.

The crown

No bridal look is complete without several accessories completing the entire look. Maia made sure to use the perfect accessories to make her look like the classy bride she is. She put her hair up in a bun, which was topped off with a Tulola Melati crown, which was silver. This crown was made and put together by skilled craftsmen for 215 hours in 30 days, making sure the queen got the best. It enhanced the bridal glow she was wearing the whole day.

The hair and make-up

An important factor at any wedding is the hair and make-up artist. For her big day, Maia entrusted Mercia Dewi with her make-up and Inaro Ahmad with her hair. Mercia Dewi is a big name in the industry and is well-known among artists and celebrities for her remarkable bridal make-up. The look Maia went for was a natural yet sophisticated appearance, which indeed earned her lots of compliments. Maia put on a swing of brown eyeshadow creating a slanted eye and finished off with a thick shade of nude lipstick. Moving on to the hair, Maia opted for a neat and tidy up-do bun put together by Inaro Ahmad. Stunning, stunning, stunning!

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