Thankfully, people are starting to realise the importance of ethically harvested and environmentally friendly products and are trying their best to reduce the waste that comes with mass production and the overconsumption of goods. Currently, the US is leading the pack, but Indonesia is rapidly following in its footsteps with the opening of zero-waste stores. Check out some recently opened bulk stores that are clean, organic, fair-trade, and environmentally friendly.

Naked Inc.

Located in South Jakarta, Naked Inc. is the latest to join the increasing number of waste-free stores in Jakarta. Displayed in containers, the company aims to eliminate the use of plastic bags by offering daily pantry needs in bulk. Customers must use the scoop-and-weigh method and head out using their containers filled with the ingredients in the amounts they need to make sure that none goes to waste. This concept makes shoppers rethink their consumption patterns and food wastage caused by one-time use and prepackaged goods. Everything in Naked Inc. is organic, fair-trade, environmentally friendly, and plastic-free. In addition, the company is partnering with SayurBox, an online grocery delivery service, so shoppers can order their grocery needs from the comfort of their homes.

Naked Inc.
COMO Park, Jl. Kemang Timur No. 998, South Jakarta 
Open: every day / 8AM - 8PM  

Saruga Package-Free Shopping Store

Saruga is a package-free shopping store located in Bintaro that sells everyday pantry and healthcare needs in bulk, making it more efficient than shopping at a supermarket. The store has the same concept as Naked Inc., where guests are allowed to buy ingredients in the necessary amounts and these are then weighed and calculated as price per gram. To further promote a sustainable future, Saruga also sells lifestyle products such as stainless-steel straws and healthcare products that are made from Indonesia’s indigenous herbs and spices. 

Saruga Package-Free Shopping Store
Jalan Taman Bintaro No. 1, South Jakarta 
Open: Monday - Friday / 9AM - 8PM, Saturday / 9AM - 9PM, Sunday / 10AM - 8PM

The Bulkstore & Co.

Bulk stores tackle the city’s issue of single-use prepackaged foods. As such, shoppers can buy according to how much they need and not waste the rest of the ingredients due to expiration dates and other issues. They can get organic local ingredients such as nuts, seeds, spices, grains, coffees, teas, superfood powders, and organic fruit wines that are all directly sourced from local farmers and producers, and just like the other stores listed here, The Bulkstore & Co. uses the scoop-and-weigh method—so don’t forget to bring your containers.  

The Bulkstore & Co.
Jalan Wahid Hasyim No. 47, Central Jakarta
Open: every day / 8:30AM - 9:30PM

LuLu Hypermarket & Department Store


LuLu is not your typical supermarket. It has an aisle of ingredients and groceries displayed in reusable containers that serve as the same concept as other bulk stores. LuLu has two branches in the Jakarta metropolitan area—a region that is not well known for environmental friendliness. The company is aiming to start small somewhere in the sustainable market despite not all the foods being placed in reusable containers.

LuLu - Plaza Taman Modern
Plaza Taman Modern, Jl Raya Bekasi KM. 24, East Jakarta
Open: every day / 9AM - 10PM

Lulu - BSD
Q Big Mall, Jalan BSD Raya Utama, South Tangerang
Open: every day / 9AM -  10PM

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