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Surabaya-based food and nutrition expert Teguh Sebadja STP is popular for his breakthrough Food Management Program (FMP), which relies on no drugs or medicines. Teguh, who was born 36 years ago in Jember, left a stellar career and position in 2010 to help tend to his late mother, who at that time has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Although in the end, he failed to save his beloved mum, the experience taught him that it is very important to pay attention to the types of food that we eat. This is what prompted him to start developing FMP.

Exclusively to Indonesia Tatler, Teguh shares a few useful tips for our readers, especially those who aim to be slim and healthy, which is in line with his motto: “Slim with me and feel the difference”. It is also good to note that Teguh’s FMP has saved hundreds of his clients from multiple illnesses ranging from diabetes, hypertension, obesity, gout, cholesterol and stroke to coronary heart disease. What makes his FMP interesting is that he allows his clients to eat everything. You can still eat your favourite ice cream while losing weight, but he stresses the importance of limiting and managing portion sizes. Read on to find out more about his healthy eating tips and misconceptions that people often have about food.

White rice is actually good for you


Unless you have special condition like diabetes, you should not shy away from white rice because it is rich in B-complex vitamins. However, if you have diabetes or don’t like the bland taste, you can go with red, brown, or black rice. Our bodies need carbohydrates because they are the main source of energy.

You can still eat deep-fried food, sugar, and salt


Good news for those of you who like snacking: deep-fried food, which contains oils, is actually good for your joints. Sugar is also important for your liver while salt keeps us energised and focused. So ditch your “no sugar no salt” diet, but keep in mind to consume them in normal portions. What you should avoid is food packed with artificial chemicals and food additives.

Limit consumption of alcoholic beverages and coffee


This might be tough—especially if you’re a coffee person. “Tea is safer, especially for women,” says Teguh. Also, if you are invited to a fine-dining event, keep in mind the amount of alcohol beverages you consume: it is best to limit your alcohol intake.

Don’t eat the same thing in a week


It’s good to be consistent, but sometimes this is not the case with food. Try to alternate your meal types and don’t eat the same food twice in a row. If you eat too many green vegetables, it can trigger gout. Red meat can also increase cholesterol and contribute to gout. Similarly, if you eat too many roots and tubers, it can cause diabetes. Therefore, it is best to stick to the concept of balanced menu and nutrition—which, of course, is different and customised for every individual.

Stress management


Don’t stress! It might be difficult but try to keep your stress level to the minimum. This is what Teguh learned when tending to his mum. Moreover, rest well and get enough sleep. Set a regular bedtime, aiming for six to seven hours’ daily sleep time to de-stress your mind and body.

Do simple exercise


It is good if you are passionate about sports and fitness, but Teguh says that mild exercises and cardio such as walking, running, yoga, and Pilates are enough for most of his clients. You don’t actually need to lift weights to be slim and healthy.

To learn more about Teguh Sebadja and his FMP, read Teguh's profile in the upcoming Indonesia Tatler November 2018 issue.

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