participants.jpgBeing healthy is a lifestyle choice—one that is often forgotten by most of us. Thus, by collaborating with Burgreens and Jeda Wellnest, Indonesia Tatler wanted to once again remind people about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle through a Generation T (Gen.T) community event held at Burgreens Flagship Store on November 10.

three.jpgThe event featured several activities brought by the experts, including our Gen.T listers Ayla Dimitri and Helga Angelina, who is the co-founder of Burgreens, along with the nutritionist and co-founder of Burgreens Max Mandias. Together, these three passionate young people shared about “How Nutrition and Mindfulness Boost Productivity”. The main focus of the talk was about how to increase productivity by enhancing the power of our mindful self, combined with healthy food, which is important considering that people can be much productive while in a healthy state. Not only that, loving yourself without comparing yourself with others is also important in leading a healthy lifestyle.

reza and adeline.jpg
Meanwhile, there was also an inspiring talk show thanks to the health practitioner Reza Gunawan and yoga enthusiast Adeline Windy from Jeda Wellnest about “Nourish Life: Be in Your Body Talks”. The topic focused on how to relax and restore energy through mindful breathing meditation, as well as how to develop deeper body awareness and postural habits, which can contribute to healing and functional movement. Our habits can affect our body posture, with the wrong habits leading to postural imbalance and body pain.

To further promote healthy lifestyles, Burgreens also provided delicious, healthy food from its flagship store that the participants could try. This shows that people can have healthy lifestyles while enjoying delicious food as well, destroying the belief that being healthy is troublesome and not tasty.

Watch the video below:


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