In today’s society, where everything is demanded to be fast and instant has its own price to pay. Illnesses resulting from being overweight are now widely known, with its preventative measures touted in everyday media. To be healthy and fit requires regular exercise, healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices. Here we compile six fitness bunnies and influencers from our Gen T lists to show you how they stay fit.

1. Tina Toon

Who doesn’t know Tina Toon? The millennials’ childhood sweetheart was known for her cute and chubby appearance, but that was a long time ago. As she grows up, she is no longer the chubby-cheeked girl. Tina Toon has left her past image and move on to a healthier image. In her desire to be healthy, never once she took to instant methods. Instead, she opts for green vegetables and fresh fruits as her best friends. Other than that, Tina also adds some fun to her healthy journey. She routinely plays hula hoop for three minutes straight to help her belly become more toned, it’s also her secret for that beautifully curved waist. Tina believes that maintaining a healthy body andliving a balanced lifestyle should be her number one priority.

2. Vanessa Budiharja

Fitness guru Vanessa Budiharja is undoubtedly the poster image of a kick-ass woman. Vanessa did ballet for over 12 years and she was involved in a lot of sports teams in high school, so the word fit fits her to the T. From weightlifting to yoga, she has done them all. For the time being, Vanessa is busy being a Nike and Empire Fit Club trainer as well as juggling her role as the co-founder of PÜRA VÏDA Jakarta, a healthy food delivery service. As a health  food entrepreneur, clean eating is essential for her. Red rice, protein, and mixed vegetables dominates her plates regularly. To eliminate the pressure of having a strict diet, she chooses weekend as her cheating days. What’s her plate looks like during her cheat days? Mie ayam in the morning and pizza in the afternoon followed with delicious martabak of course.

3. Dian Sastrowardoyo

The famous actress Dian Sastrowardoyo has been known for her love of exercising. Her interest in a healthy lifestyle has expanded into cultivating a healthy eating habits, that will inspire her to start the healthy catering 3 Skinny Minnies later on. In maintaining her health, this mother of two choose not to reduce her eating portion, instead, she consumes less carbohydrates, adds more vegetables and protein to her table. Every morning, Dian makes herself a glass of cold water combined with squeezed lemon juice. For a long time, squeezed lemon juice has been touted for its ability to keep one’s immune system stable and Dian is one of many proponents for this recipe. According to her, this formula works well in taking care of her digestion system. Along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Dian also dedicates her time to work out. Take a peek into her Instagram account, and you can catch a glimpse of her exercise choices—gym, running, or yoga are among her favourite activities.

 4. Vanessa Ong

Vanessa Ong was born into Njonja Meneer family, a family that is famous for its traditional herbal business in Indonesia. Being a descendant of the family has made Vanessa more aware when it comes to living a healthy life. Vanessa was grew up in a Semarang factory, where she had to mingle with local jamu makers. Ever since that day, jamu has become a part of Vanessa’s life. To her, there’s no such thing as a healthy lifestyle without jamu. “Wellbeing starts at home and most importantly, from your own kitchen”, Vanessa wrote on one of her Instagram post’s caption. A black belt in Tae Kwon Do and recognised as a Muay Thai trainer are proofs that Vanessa has a high level of awareness when it comes to her physical health as well.

5. Siman Sudartawa

As an accomplished athlete, Siman Sudartawa needs to keep himself fit and in shape most of the time. Having to move freely in the water requires him to develop his own healthy regime. His number one trick: protein drink. Usually after he is finished with his swimming routine, we can find him indulging in a bottle of protein drink. The protein drink is believed  to give his body system a speedy recovery after his strenuous workout. He says that as an athlete, the chance of getting injured is potentially multiplied so a double protection is indeed needed. To complement his protein drink, Siman also treats his body with supplement as it’s a crucial point in keeping his body fit.

6. Joe Taslim

Consuming chemical substances might not be a good decision in the long run. This makes herbal and natural ingredients as the best choice to avoid harmful implications for the body. Actor and ex-judo athlete Joe Taslim is one of the folks out there who prefers herbal products over chemically processed ones. In addition, Joe normally runs five kilometres, four times  a week to maintain his fitness level. In his opinion, running increases his physical strength. Plus, Joe feels that running is an effective way to clear his mind, which improves his concentration level.

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