Yoga has long been popular in the health and fitness industry and what could be better than combining it with some of the cutest animals in the world? Yes, it’s true: from horse yoga to dog yoga, it’s possible to incorporate therapy animals into your routine. After all, simply petting animals can release positive hormones, so imagine what it could do to when animals are combined with a pastime that also releases endorphins.

Meanwhile, animals can help reduce loneliness and boost mental stimulation to help you relax. And in the same way that these animals help you, you can help them by giving them plenty of affection, exercise, and mental stimulation. Here are some suggestions:

Goat yoga


The most viral animal yoga craze to date has been goat yoga, although you can expect the goats to run around the studio and climb on top of your back while you’re doing a tabletop. But the goats will also cuddle with you, which can boost your happy hormone levels, preventing you from suffering imbalances that can lead to depression, anxiety, reduced libido, insomnia, and mood disorders.

Kitten yoga


This class can be very informal, and you do, of course, get to play with kittens while doing your yoga poses. It is also a great opportunity for the kittens to socialise with potential adopters as many are looking for a loving home.

Horse yoga


Obviously, horse yoga can only be done outdoors, and it is meant to improve your bond and connection with a horse while working on your core stability, balance, and ability to stay present and creating a union with nature. You can strike a yoga pose atop a horse but do note that this should be supervised by a professional as it can be risky.


Dog yoga


This exercise can easily be done anywhere when you have a pet dog. Shelters often host fundraising events by bringing dogs into yoga studios and yogis can interact with them before deciding if they want to adopt them once the class finishes. This kind of yoga incorporates dog training, yoga, meditation, gentle massage, and stretching, all of which achieve positive improvements and greater harmony with the dogs.

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