1. Leading the way

01145516-27162018-aIMG_0478c_tk_rgb_cropped_1584x780_resized_1584x780.jpgDavid Yeung and Peggy Chan (Photo: Nic and Bex Gaunt for Hong Kong Tatler)

In August, we put two of Hong Kong's most recognised and vocal vegans on the cover of our magazine, which was also our inaugural eco issue.

Peggy Chan of Grassroots Pantry and David Yeung of Green Monday joined forces to share why plant-based dining is taking over the world, and explained its many benefits, not just for individuals, but for the world.

2. Plant-based eats

01145516-17114953-confusion-tofu-tacos_resized_2000x1200_resized_2000x1200.jpgConfusion (Photo: Michaela Giles/Hong Kong Tatler)

Thankfully, vegan food has finally evolved beyond just a pile of loose leaves on your dismal plate. Instead, turn to heartier, plant-based meals at these six satisfying vegan spots in Hong Kong.

Plus, check out Confusion, a vegan eatery in Sheung Wan that has even the carnivorous crowd in Hong Kong singing its praises.

3. Essential nutrients


Our resident dietitian and regular contributor, Sally Shi-Po Poon, weighs in on the plant-based diet and lists out five must-have nutrients vegans need to stay healthy.

4. Linking food with disease

01151308-26154657-MG-Produce_resized_1944x1296_resized_1944x1296.pngPhoto: Courtesy of Michael Greger

"How Not To Die" is one of the best books on nutrition that exists, as evidenced by its consistent spot on the New York Times Best Seller list. Written by Dr. Michael Greger, who founded nutritionfacts.org, the book clearly explains the link between disease and the food we put into our bodies.

Read our interview with Dr. Michael Greger.

5. Vegan beauty products


Besides being cruelty-free, vegan beauty products are also made without any animal products at all. If you're looking to veganise your beauty routine, check out these top eight picks to get started with.

Source: hk.asiatatler.com

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